Ray Okpara & Christian Nielsen – Alibi EP (Danse Club)

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Ray Okpara & Christian Nielsen – Alibi EP (Danse Club)

AMA’s head honcho Ray Okpara and Christian Nielsen both regularly turn out lovely tech-y cuts and their collaboration on the burgeoning Danse Club imprint from London is no exception.

Kicking off the EP is the title track ‘Alibi’ and if there’s one word for this track, it’s groovy. With a baseline that effortlessly gets your head bobbing within seconds, this sets the mood for the release very nicely. In a time where vocals can tend to distract the listener from the song, they are refreshingly used here in a tasteful manner that compliments the rhythm perfectly. ‘Never Stop’ carries on the package in a similar vein, this time using smooth stabs and clever melodic notes to create a track that will make light work of many a dance-floor.

Also on offer are two dub versions. The alternative version of ‘Alibi’ is offered for the heads that prefer their tracks without vocals, while ‘Never Stop Dub’ has a much more aggressive edge, replacing the groove with a huge kick and hypnotic repeating vocal samples. A great release that will be a weapon for any DJ.

Listen to the Tracks here