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Born in Hanover in 1985, Mario started his dj career at the tender age of 15.
At 19 he began working as a trainee at a local record shop (“Street Sounds”) expand his musical knowledge. In 2007 he finally released his first tracks in collaboration with his good friend Daniel Solar on Sportclub Music. A year later, after a few more releases and remixes along with Daniel, he released his first solo production.

In 2009 Mario released “Talking Drums”, his highest selling single so far which was released on Butch’s label Bouq Records and gained broad support from Mathias Kaden (played several times), Laurent Garnier (played at Timewarp 2009), Karotte (played at Karottes Kitchen), Lauhaus (charted on Resident Advisor) and many more.

After this success he did remixes for two german labels, had his next release, “Sliding Years EP” on the Italian Label Phaze Records and contributed towards the song “Hmmahaayeah” along with Marc Poppcke on a sampler released on Berlin-based Vivid Records in the same year. A year after, he continued his collaboration with Daniel Solar and they released tracks on Einmaleins Musik, Keno Records and Sportclub Music. In addition, Mario also produced a remix for the ambitious label Yippiee from his native Hannover, which was founded by his longstanding friends “Filtertypen”.

In 2011 he had releases on OFF Recordings, Einmaleins Musik and Yippiee… In addition to this he did some remixes for artists like Re.You, Oscar Barila and Ugur Project. Last Year, he released an EP on the swedish label Colourful Music and another one on Alex Niggemann’s Imprint Soulfooled plus a track on the Yippiee Compilation, called Passion.

Beyond that he did a lot of remixes for likes of Rhadow, Marc Miroir, Bara Bröst, Thomas A.S., Mild Bang, Melchior Bachmann and Obie Tryce.


Hello Mario! How Are You? What do you have scheduled for today?
Hey guys, i’m fine and I hope you too!?
At the moment i’m working out this interview for My Favourite Freaks – Maybe you’ve heard about them!? 😉

You are part of the Label Ritter Butzke Studio, Producer and almost every weekend touring. How do you handle this massive weekly schedule?
The answer is simple – Alcohol! No just joking – This year was really tough but if you are focused and well-structured it’s possible to do all this stuff and also have a bit free time at least!

How would you describe your sound?
To be honest I hate this typical interview question cause music is something that is really hard to describe by words and every single person would tell you something different about the same track because of their personal feeling! Anyway I would say my sound is something between Deep and Tech House with some Minimal and Techno influences – So let’s call it Deep Tech Minimal Techno House 😉

Please tell us a bit about your latest releases!
I don’t like to look backwards so i’ll tell you what’s coming up! The first release next year will be a collabo with the Russian producer Spieltape on Get Physical Music’s Full Body Workout compilation in January. Followed by an own EP on Bondage Music including two originals and amazing remixes by Acumen, El Mundo and Snilloc.
In addition to this i’m working on remixes for Gorge on Re:Fresh Your Mind, A.N.I.C.E. on Fenou, Satori on Under Your Skin and i’ve already finished my works for Jochen Pash on Kowalski Musik, Edler & Meerkats on Plötzlich Musik, Maximono on Take Away and Chris Zeitlmeier & CreDes on Semester Musik. And for sure i’ll continue the collaboration with my Swiss Brother Manuel Moreno on my home base Ritter Butzke Studio!

What was your funniest or craziest experience while touring?
If it was really the funniest or craziest experience there can be just one answer: I can’t remember! 😉

What were your TOP 5 gigs in 2014?
Rankings are always a little bit difficult cause every party has it’s own vibe and so you can’t say that one event was better than the other one in my opinion! But some of my highlights this years were definitely the festivals where i’ve played: Fusion, 3000° and Wilde Möhre! And for sure our first 4 floor in-house Ritter Butzke Studio label night in November which was a huge success and showed us that we are doing a good job with the label and the club! But it would be unfair to name same more now cause as I said every gig this year was unique and I had always fun doesn’t matter how many people were standing in front of the DJ booth or how you would rate if the party was good or not!

What are your top 5 tracks that are really working the dance floor in your sets at the moment?

As it is the end of the year i’ll tell you my 5 favorite tracks of 2014 but not in a particular order:

Alex Niggemann – Materium (Original Mix)
Matthias Meyer – Becuz (Original Mix)
Patlac – Opus (Original Mix)
Rampue – Leporidae (Mario Aureo Remix)
Schlepp Geist – Purple Horizon (Original Mix)

Thank you for your time and this interesting interview!
My pleasure! All the best for your agency and label in 2015!

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Iorie – My Mate M (Original Mix)
Markus Homm – The Storm (Original Mix)
Kevin Over – Jus A (Original Mix)
Jona – Tomorrow (Original Mix)
Mario Aureo & Spieltape – What’s That (Original Mix)
Rampa – Mod (David Mayer Remix)
Mario Aureo – That’s Right (Original Mix)
Few Nolder – Sonar (Original Mix)
Jaen Paniagua – Udon (Original Mix)
Matthias Tanzmann & Dan Drastic – Arcade (Original Mix)
Northern Lite – London (Mario Aureo Remix)