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Christoph aka Click | Click was born in the south of Germany.
The first time he listened to „Kraftwerk – Roboter“ was already at the age of four and he got very enthusiastic about this kind of music. … his passion for electronic music was born!

At the age of 15 he played guitar in his first band, Senseless Noise (one guy named that kind of music: „Psychodelic Mafia Rock“). After his „career“ with his band he started playing out records.
In September 2002 he moved to Berlin to be a part of this fascinating city.
One year later he started his studies „Bachelor of (recording) Arts“ in Berlin. During that time he set out to produce music and founded with Kicky Joe and Johlton N. the Electro-Punk Band Überbabes.

One year later Johlton (bass guitar) left and Bzoo (visuals) joined the project.
To focus on their other projects, they quit the Überbabes after the last gig in 2008.

Since 2006 Christoph is producing his own funky Nu Disco, (Tech)House tracks, doing remixes, performing live-sets and playing out records under the name Click | Click.
After meeting Ferri (aka M_Ferri/ Superlover) in July 2006 both marked the start of the House/ Techno label Kassette Records which features acts like Channel X, Click Box, Glocal, DJ Glen, Oliver $, Lunatik, Mikdat Vs. Afrilounge, Randoman, Phage & Daniel Dreier, Sweet´n´Candy, Microbodies, Dustin Zahn, Skoozbot, Jimmy Edgar and others.

Since 2008 he releases together with Niko Schwind as Tarifbereich_B and in 2010 he teamed up with M_Ferri to produce/ release their first ep as Kassette Boys. At the end of 2012 Click | Click started his second label Palms&Flamingos.
With this label he focuses on quality electronic music – Disco and funky Deep/ Slow / Jackin‘ House with a whiff pop appeal.


Hello Click Click! How Are You?
Hi hi… I´m fine. Hope you, too!!

Does your Pseudonym “Click Click” have a deeper meaning?
No, not really. It comes from the ‚Minimal-era’. During that time I started this pseudonym. My music changed during the years, but the name is still the same.

You are Labelowner (Palms & Flamingos | Kassette Records), Producer and almost every weekend touring.
How do you handle this massive weekly schedule?

Oh, yes… The best thing is to find some regularity during the week and get as much sleep as possible during the weekend. With traveling sometimes it´s not easy to get much sleep, especially when you have a different time zone. During the week I always get up at xx:xx o’clock. Everyday a smoothie for breakfast and the day starts good.

Please tell us a bit about your latest releases!
My latest EP was just released on Smoke N’ Mirrors last week. It´s called Soul Freak and includes a superb remix by the great Wildkats (Hot Creations/ Akbal/ Lower East) from the UK.
There are also a few remixes which were released in December – one remix for Rey & Kjavik (Rey & Kjavik Rec.), one for Alex Flatner & Lopazz and last but not least one for my good friend Jan Ketel (Telekollegen).

Tell us a bit about your upcoming releases! Is there anything special planned for 2015?
For the beginning of 2015 is a new EP by myself planned (can´t talk about the label right now, but soon!!), a contribution on the next Palms & Flamingos compilation, a fresh Kassette Boys EP on Kassette Records and a few remixes for Flow & Zeo, K-Paul & Kid Simius, Edler & Meerkats, … are scheduled for January and February

What was your funniest or craziest experience while touring?
Hmmm… Right now I don´t have a special moment in my mind, but every gig and every tour has some every special and of course very funny moments.

What were your TOP 5 gigs in 2014?
Another hard question… My first experience at the BPM festival 2014 was amazing, my gigs at Watergate are always very special and great, playing a the Katermukke stage at the Sonne Mond Sterne Festival was supercool and of course my very first gig in Seoul (South Korea) only to name a few.

What are your top 5 tracks that are really working the dance floor in your sets at the moment?
Doorly – Something To Say feat. Roland Clark (Original Mix) [Southern Fried Records]
Jan Ketel feat. Onosizo & Lil’Ann – Drop It Low (Original Mix) [Palms & Flamingos]
Alex Flatner & LOPAZZ – We´re No Good (Click | Click Remix) [Circle Music]
Green Velvet – Bathroom (Original Mix) [Relief Records]
Click | Click – Soul Freak (Original Mix) [Smoke N’ Mirrors]

Thank you for your time and this interesting interview!
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Farfan – Brown Music Like House Music (Original Mix)
Kerb Staller – Siren Song (Original Mix)
Green Velvet – Bathroom (Original Mix)
Tiga – Bugatti (Doorly Remix)
Christian Burkhardt – Doubledub (Original Mix)
Click Click – Soul Freak (Original Mix)
Smash TV, So&So – Fluffer (Original Mix)
Simion feat. Roland Clark – Jack (Original Mix)
Tigerskin, Till von Sein – Dance (Original Mix)
Green Velvet, Jamie Principle – LaLaLaLaLa (Original Mix)
Jan Ketel – Gone Back (Click Click Remix)