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In an age where previously million dollar studios have been condensed into laptop friendly software easily pirated by the tech savvy kids of today it is easy to see why many upcoming producers chase trends trying to hit it big quickly rather than spend years developing their own sonic palette.

There is a reason why producers who fall into the trap, even the initially successful ones fade into obscurity almost as quickly as they emerge from it and that is because whilst fashions seem to change at an increasingly alarming rate, curiosity innovation and creativity are permanent.

Marc Martinez Nadal known as AFFKT is an artist that feels falls into the latter category.

Committed to progress whilst showing a healthy respect for the past is one of AFFKT’s most unique audible features. Above all, AFFKT is synonymous with electronic music, as one of the scenes most active regenerators of contemporary house music; incorporating music from across the musical spectrum to form new amalgamations to create music that he feels, loves and knows.
Considering fusion as one of the main aspects of artistic evolution, as he proved in his first hit “Points” on Barraca Music, and stunning the world with his brave innovation, technical sensuality and control of different sound tempos. Taking influence from Jazz, Soul, Latin, Pop and Funk amongst countless other genres.

Without the need to discredit classic or renown, through sound composition and experimentation, AFFKT gains access to unedited synthetic and organic spaces, where music finds new ways of expression on the dance floor and beyond. He considers fusion as one of the main aspects of artistic evolution, and stunning the world with his brave innovation, technical sensuality and control of different sound tempos.

Since then he has not stopped producing and remixing for labels such as Get Physical, Bedrock, Noir music, Sincopat, Suara, Rekids, Buzzin fly, Mobilee, Cécille, Vakant, Mothership, Rebirth, OFF, International Freakshow, Perspectiv or Skint and for artists such as tech de Mathias Kaden, Radio Slave, Remute, Spencer Parker, or Noisia to just name a few.

At the same time, in his live and Dj shows, AFFKT displays a free and fascinating scope of influences, references and styles that create an unexpected wave of sound energy on any dance floor.

AFFKT has also created Sincopat to deepen and transcend the boundaries of dance music with other like-minded artists. Sincopat bets and believes in an emerging generation of eclectic artists -children of the thousand sounds- that do not fear the risk of exploring, just as it should be.



Hello Marc! How Are You? What do you have scheduled for today?
Great, just came from a little holidays so I feel quite fresh…I have prepare a mix I am really proud, really wide range spectrum of music that really reflect my sound nowadays.

Does your Pseudonym “AFFKT” have a deeper meaning?
AFFKT means do the music is in your head and no worries about styles, hypes or any other shit.

You are Label owner ( Sincopat ) , Producer and almost every weekend touring. How do you handle this massive weekly schedule?
Still not really sure about that, working hard every day I guess because I love so much to be in the studio and with my team working. Even when the weekend is long I am really motivated on Monday to come back to the studio. Also we have a company call Pobla ( we are all working a new place with the studios and Office. Also I have to say that my team allow me to do so many things is so creative and interesting.

Please tell us a bit about your latest releases!
I have release an Autumn trilogy EP series, the first was the one for Upon You call Two faces including Kiki and Piek remixes, then came an EP for my homie label Suara along the amazing Thomas Gandey also with remixes by Wehbba and Cristoph and third part of the trilogy was the Selador EP with Robert Babicz and HeathuG remixes. Every track was different to the other but all of them I think were a next step in my production, so really happy with all this releases.

Tell us a bit about your upcoming releases! Is there anything special planned for 2015?
New projects are coming in 2015, I will start the year with a new EP for Kling Klong including remixes by Pirupa and Darlyn Vlys, really looking forward to see how the people react with this new music.
Also a new EP for Sincopat along Sutja on the vocals is coming before summer, and some others EPs I still cannot talk about.
About remixing I just finish a new on for Douglas Greed on Freude am Tanzen, and I am also looking forward to remix for Martin Eyerer and Dosem´s albums this year.
Also will release the first EP with my alter ego project along Darlyn Vlys call ‘You & Oui’.

What was your funniest or craziest experience while touring?
So many things…meeting new people and visiting new places is always special.
But I am not the kind of guy talking about this to be more cool…

What were your TOP 5 gigs in 2014?
Almost all my gigs are really special but if I have to decide just 5 here we go…
De Etage Kopjeck – Groningen
Veboten – NY
Suara Nights – Ibiza
B018 – Beirut
Barraca – Valencia

What are your top 5 tracks that are really working the dance floor in your sets at the moment?
Full Intention – Meteor Man
Alli Borem – Children Of The Heart
Darlyn Vlys – Confi
Adrian Hour – Chordgresion
Seph – Halcona (Glimpse Remix)

Thank you for your time and this interesting interview!
Thank you bro

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HearThuG – Yüth (Darlyn Vlys mix)
Moosefly – Something In The Trees (Denis Horvat Remix)
Patrice Baumel – Mile High Gang
Mr G – Second Chance
The Cheapers – Autumn Blues
Re-UP – 6AM
Alli Borem – Children Of The Heart
Full Intention – Meteor Man
Adrian Hour – Chordgresion
Confute – On The Hour
Idioma – Pandore
Agoria – Helice
Seph – Halcona (Glimpse Remix)


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