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Timelessness and innovation – both poles can be unified in house music. For more than 10 years now Norman Weber and Marco Resmann have been living out their love for house together both at the turntables and in the studio as Luna City Express.

Music and nightlife inspired both of them from early on. Norman often accompanied his father, a musician and DJ, on tour where absorbed a melting pot of party music, from Funk and Disco to HipHop and Acid Jazz. At 14 he heard his first Chicago House Mix on tape – a musical revelation and the beginning of his subsequent career.

For Marco discovering electronic music happened in the early 90’s in a friend’s basement studio where he first started delving into drum machines and synthesizers. What followed was a rapid journey through producing all the imaginable variations of electronic music as they occurred in Berlin in the 90’s.

In 1999 Marco set up his Audiogain studio and established himself as a producer, producing as a solo artist under the pseudonym Phage and also in projects like Pan-Pot or Phage & Daniel Dreier, releasing on labels like Mobilee, Klang Elektronik and Highgrade. In 2007 he founded the label Upon You with Marcus Meinhardt and Hawks Grunert.

At a millennium party in Italy Norman and Marco crossed paths for the first time and clicked immediately – two house nerds had found each other. When Norman moved from Jena to Berlin they began to play as a DJ team, organised own parties and produced their first tracks together, a mixture of Downbeat, TripHop and Deep House.

In 2004 for the 10 year anniversary of the legendary Thuringian club Muna, Norman and Marco for the first time produced under the name Luna City Express – and till this day still feel closely connected to the club as well as Sonne Mond Sterne festival where they continue to perform year after year. One year later they released two very successful EPs on Moon Harbour – “Fresh” and “White Russian”. Both tracks became club hits, laying a blueprint for how classic and contemporary house could sound in the new millennium.

Beside remixes and releasing on labels like Justified Cause and Enliven Music, Moon Harbour has truly become the home of Luna City Express, and at the same time they’ve played an essential part in developing the label’s sound. Together they mixed the second volume of the well-known “Moon Harbour Inhouse” compilation series, and release their debut artist album “Hello From Planet Earth” in autumn 2009. The album brings together 14 outstanding tracks – from techno to experimental, going from euphoric to quiet moments. It’s an eclectic album, not just for the club, and is all held together by the unique Luna City Express house vibe. And so it’s no surprise that every weekend they get to share that vibe to fans across Germany, Europe and the rest of the world.



Hello guys! How Are You, are you prepared for the German winter?
We’re doing great but we’re not really prepared for the winter. It’s damn cold in Berlin!

What is behind your Pseudonym “Luna City Express”, from where came the idea to name your project like this?
We introduced this project name along with the 10th anniversary of the Muna Club in Germany. Luna is always with us at night, city means future and express sometimes excess. A journey to the moon and back, some of us might join to stay in the city above.

Such a long time as a Duo. A lot of collabs and DJ Teams are coming and going. You guys are standing tall with massively successful! How would you describe your relationship and how do you manage 2 individuals with having a mind of one´s own?
Time flies, isn’t it? We’re DJ’ing together since 15 years and played always B2B. We’re also knowing each other for 15 years and our project LCE exists for 10 years now. We’re friends, got the same taste of music, food and many other stuff, which makes it pretty easy to come along with each other. This all pretty much sums it up.

Please tell us a bit about your latest and upcoming releases! 
We launched our label Luna City Lab this year and working on the second release, which is scheduled for 2015. We just finished remixes for Sidney Charles and Supernova. Regarding to our 10th anniversary we just released a little „best-of“ compilation on Moon Harbour. The second part of this anniversary compilation will be released beginning of 2015. It’s gonna be a package of ten remixes from artists like Kevin Yost, Supernova, Oliver Dollar and Enzo Siragusa. Another big mission is to finish our second album that we wanna release as well in 2015.

Where were your latest gigs and what experience you made while touring?
We recently played for example in London, Bern, Milan, Berlin, Göteborg, Amsterdam and Leipzig. It’s always fun to travel and meet friends, new people or new crews. Unfortunately there’s always not that much time to do things like seightseeing or record shopping. Most of the times it’s all about hotels, restaurants and clubs.

What was your funniest or craziest experience while touring?
There’s always somthing funny or crazy that happens while touring. Maybe we should write it all down in a tour diary

What are your top 5 tracks that are really working the dance floor in your sets at the moment?
Luna City Express – I Don’t Think So (Sidney Charles Remix)
Metodi Hristov – Assuming Control (Sven Tasnadi remix)
D’Julz – Ze Box
ONNO & Okain – Set Me Back
Audiojack – Traction

Thank you for your time and this interesting interview!
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Neil Parkes – Me & You (Richy Ahmed Remix)
Simon Baker – Too Slow
Acid Mondeys – Stretcher (Instrumental)
Sebo K – Scenario Stripped Down
Neil Landstrumm – April Acid (Brendon Moeller Old school Dub Mix)
Riva Starr – I Can See The Light
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