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The music of Kevin & Glenn (together PONY) often creates an energy boost, that makes people feel like they can ride the entire Tour de France in one night. With their deep soulful rhythms combined with a rather low bpm, they create an atmosphere that takes you back the New Orleans of the sixties. Where you find yourself in a dusty old nightclub that’s filled with cigar smoking, soul music loving people.

Diversity is their strength. PONY can take you to one of the highest mountains, but five minutes later you sit back in a relaxed chair, enjoying the mellow beats in a nostalgic New Orleans nightclub.

PONY sees musical innovation as their biggest challenge. Looking beyond traditional production methods is something that defines PONY. They don’t limit themselves to music as such, because their inspiration for their productions also comes from other forms of art.

Because “Music Has The Right To Children”, PONY tends to look at music as if they still were 7 year old boys that listened to the radio. No prejudices about certain music genres, and remain open minded about every musical genre. In order to stand out above the crowd, nowadays it is absolutely vital to not stick to one safe point, but improve yourself, and this can only happen if you welcome new ways of thinking. And this is what PONY does!

Their first release on Digital Sintope with Karmon caught the attention of many great artists and this is just the beginning of a promising career.

– Respect your roots, but do not stick to them –



Hello PONY! How Are You?
Hi Freaks we’re doing fine, and you?

Does your Pseudonym “PONY” have a deeper meaning?
Haha! This question is asked many times before! It does have a deeper meaning but it’s nothing serious. It started when we met each other and had to come up with a name for ourselves. Guess it didn’t take long before we looked at our ’surfer-dude/bieber’ hairstyle that one of us mentioned: PONY!

Your first Release was on NTFO´s label Sintope Digital together w/ Karmon.
From where did you guys know each other and how worked this massive collaboration w/ Karmon out?

I (Kevin) knew Karmon before this whole thing started, even before he was Karmon. He lives in de same city here in de south of Holland so the scene is not that big over here. If I’m right this was also Karmon’s first release so we went to the studio and tried to make our own version of tis ’new’ popular Deep House Music everyone is talking about.

Please tell us a bit about your latest releases!
On the producing side to be honest it was bit quiet. Think that’s because we wanted to refresh our style and we’re seeking how to. Our latest release was a collab with our buddy Prunk on Uk’s Electronique label. Last year we did some really cool b2b’s sets with Prunk and that’s why we decided to make 2 tracks together. A little bit on the housy side but they work as hell on the dance floors.

Where were your latest gigs and what experience you made while touring?
One of our latest gigs was a bit of a sad story. It was called the SAVE HAL16 party.
The party was meant to save the Club for closing but they heard earlier in the day that they have to close anyways. Despite the bad news it was a crazy party and there even where rappers between the shows!

What was your funniest or craziest experience while touring?
To be honest we really can’t tell a specific moment because every week something crazy or weird is happening. Most of the time it are our friends or us who are joining is on the road who can’t keep themselves under control.. In het funny way of course!!

Tell us a bit about your upcoming releases!
We have made a lot of music lately we’re we are really happy with. Our sound getting more into poppy sound so it’s easy to listen for everyone, that’s where our sound stands for. Of course we are young and may have enough time but now it’s time to release our new stuff and make people happy with our music 🙂

Thank you for your time and this interesting interview!
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