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Swiss born David Keno began his musical life learning classical instruments such as guitar and drums when he was 12.
After playing in various rock bands he discovered his love of electronic music.

He bought a drum machine and an old Korg synthesizer and started to experiment. Over the next few years he developed his skills and eventually the guys from the Pocketgame label loved his melodic productions so much that they signed him for his first release: Vernis – Bubble Bath EP which came with a fantastic Trentemoeller remix.

From there his career took off. He has released on labels such as I220, Zenit, Meerestief, Karateklub, ELP and provided remixes for Samuel L. Session, G-Man, da Fresh, Robert Drewek, Hugg&Pepp, DK8 and even 80ies heroes Trans-X who wanted a remix for their „living on video“ that came out on ZYX Music.

The next step in his career was to launch his own label and in January 2007 Keno Records 01 was released with huge success. „Liquid“ went on to be found in the playlists of many DJs.

In David Keno’s DJ sets or also as a Livect his musical range goes from minimal techno to house. Very floor-oriented but often with a certain melodic touch. Maybe these are his roots from the 80ies shining through.


Hello David! How Are You?
Very good thank you. After two weeks of holydays I have a full week of studio work ahead of me. That’s always nice when you’re relaxed and full of fresh ideas. As important as working on music is the time off.

Please tell us a bit about your latest releases!
My latest release just came out on Katermukke. Canares was one of the big tracks this summer and I like it a lot. The feedback is always great when I play it. Maybe a little bit cheesy but that’s how I like it sometimes.

Where were your latest gigs and what experiences you made while touring?
Last weekend was just perfect. Friday I played in Berlin at packed party at Kosmonaut and Saturday in Regensburg at Suzie Wong. Never played there before but I loved it. Pretty young audience but I don’t care as long as they are so hungry for good house music as they were. I could play whatever I wanted and they were open for it. That’s how it should be everywhere.

I just saw that you will be also on Australia and China Tour soon. Is it your first time in this countries?
I played in Australia and China before but this time I will also be in South Korea and New Zealand. This will be pretty exciting. It’s also the longest tour for me so far.

What kind of parties are you playing there?
Mostly club gigs. All the clubs are new for me so I have no idea what to expect. For example B1 in Seoul and Revolver in Melbourne are supposed to be pretty good so I’m looking forward.

As a successful producer you are always on tour but at home you are a dad and husband.
How is your life at home? Do you have enough time for your family or do they come with you on tour?

Sometimes I bring my family and we connect the gig with a vacation but only when it’s not too far away. My boy is 1,5 years old and a good flyer but I don’t want to put him on a long distance flight yet.
The dj and producer business work very well together with my family. Mostly I only play on the weekends and I’m at home during the week. So I still have more time with them than someone who works a 9 to 5 job. I know how it is to work a regular job and I’m glad that I got successful enough to support my family as a musician.

What’s coming up next?
Up next is a release on Gorge’s label Re:Fresh Your Mind. This will be released in winter with a remix from my friends Mat.Joe.

Thank you for your time and this interesting interview!
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