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Tripmastaz is the one of a few underground producers/DJ’s out of Russia, who gained respect of an international community of professionals. Almost single-handedly he has been making Russia decidedly more funky over the last 10 years.

Tripmastaz is holding residence at the best Special Case Event rooftop parties in St.Petersburg, and Moscow’s finest terrace – Techno Gipsy. In 2013 Tripmastaz holds unique position being representative for DJ Sneak’s I’m A House Gangster movement and at the same time been signed to Richie Hawtin’s Minus imprint.



Hello Tripmastaz! How Are You?
What up. I’m good, working, hustling, living life 😉

Please tell us a bit about your latest releases and your style!
My latest release is Tomzwork – freaky track which was produced originally in 2006 and we decided to release it with new mixes by Carlo Lio and Bebadim. I’ve been busy with remix works as usual.
All that you can check online.

I always strive to be out of the box with my music. I feel I have to bring originality back into the game.
It may sound pretty common – but I’m always looking for that unusual freaky combination of rhythms, sonic frequencies and styles.
Plus I always been a hip-hop head, so I’m bridging the gap between house/techno and hip-hop. Especially for Russian audience – a lot of them are still not aware about these common roots.

Loco Dice did a remix for one of your tracks and he doesn’t do a lot of remixes! How was it for you and how was the reactions of the peepz outside?
Ye, shout out to Dice for this one. As I told him later – it’s not too many remixes of my tracks I can really feel. But his version killed it. As he said he knew about my hip hop roots from Sneak, so he delivered that mad real vibe. Don’t know about peepz feelings tho… Let’s ask them 🙂

Since your first release on DJ Sneaks label Magnetic your name has grown really fast. You are still working a lot with Sneak. How you got in touch with him and how is it to work with such a house legend?
I guess the bottom line to the answer is real recognize real. I really appreciate being connected with Sneak not only on business or production level, but that we can share thoughts and talk shit on regular basis.

You released on a lot of great labels like Cecille, I’m a House Gangster or Minus. What will be next? Tell us something about your upcoming releases!
So far I have an EP for a new label Yakazi. Vinyl will be out somewhere in December.
And finally I’m getting real close to the dream of past 3 years – my vinyl only label.
It will be really exclusive limited catalogue of my most personal music – house and hip hop.
Hope to get release the 1st EP by January.

Thank you!

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LL – Aahhhh! – white
Wade, Artslaves – Oblivion (Kabale Und Liebe Remix) – Moan
Joeski – All By Myself – Dutchie
Joshua – Watch Da Bass (Bebadim G For Life Edit) – white
Soul Grabber – Hey Bryce (For Tha Headz) – Stickman
Nick Jagger – Jack The House – white
Ramon Tapia – True Definition – white
Da New Age Funksters – Da New Age Funk – Junior
Session #9 – Welcome To The Magic Sessions (Choo-Choo’s Deep in Jersey Remix part #1) – Strictly Rhythm
Tripmastaz – Tomzwork (Carlo Lio Remix) – I’m A House Gangster
Chicago Balance – white
Tripmastaz – Roll Dat (Roll-a-pella)
Manjane – Shuffle – Inner City
Special Case – Reunion – Get Physical
Ceybil – Love So Special (edit) – white
Oh Dee – A Dedication – Aroma
The Blondix – Rouge house – white
DJ Dennis – I Love To Watch U Dance (DJ Buck Mix) – Selekta
Ricardo Villalobos vs Dennis Ferrer – Don’t Let Go (Tripmastaz on spiritual path 2.0 boot) – white