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Patrick´s sound can be described as straight ahead techno, but also taking in influences from house music. He presents tech-house music, partly monotone, but always under the aspect of being groovy. He combines the elements of a lot of different styles in order to show it as a whole. In 1999 he founded the event and artist agency Global Tunes and organized various big events with internationally well-known artist. In March 2002 Patrick quit his job in this agency in order to focus on his own studio projects. In 2003 he met Harold Todd from the Lenny Kravitz band and, following his passion to house music, they set up the project Sexy Pie. In 2004 they released their first single. In the same year he started to work for the Frankfurt based label Cocoon Recordings, where he is responsible for the digital distribution. In 2006 his first EP gets released including a remix by Oliver Koletzki. A lot of other releases followed – cooperations with and remixes from artists like Guy Gerber, DJ Sneak, Boris Brejcha, Mendo, Alex Flatner, Broombeck and studio partner speak for oneself. In 2010 he produced the Ibiza-Spotlight-Podcast for Cocoon Recordings, which represented the sound of the label of this summer. Later that year he was also responsible for the Bonus Mix for the „Sound Of The Eleventh Season“ by Sven Väth. 2011 has been a highly productive year: Patrick´s remix for Extrawelt´s Titelheld hit the third place of the Beatport techno charts. He also mixed the retrospective Mix-CD of „11 Years Cocoon Recordings“. In the same year he finally set up his own label Insist Music. Patrick´s own music and remixes can be found on countless esteemed label like COCOON RECORDINGS, SUARA, KLING KLONG, LEENA, FORM MUSIC, OCTOPUS, BLUFIN and KEINEMUSIK amongst others. His remixes are highly appreciated by colleagues and so it is no wonder that artists like Extrawelt and Boys Noize rely on his works.

Hello Patrick, how are you and what are you doing at the moment?
I am doing well – thnx. I am sitting in my studio and have just finished a new podcast for MyFavouriteFreaks

You will release your next EP on your own label Insist Music 010 next month. Please tell us a bit about your label and your 10th release!
I always received a lot of good demos from other colleagues and wanted to offer them a possibility to release their music. So I started the label three year ago together with my good friend Dirk Redmer. I already did some remixes for the label – but never had an own release yet. So now the 10th release was a really good time to do my first own release on the label – including really great remixes from Broombeck and Matt Star.

As part of My Favourite Freaks you’re also released together with on the “We Are One” compilation and you will be also on tour with the freaks. Did you prepared a new special liveact for this tour or what can we expect from you?
Yes of course: I always play a special or new liveact as I never play exactly the same set that I already played before. In the last nearly 20 years I collected a lot of tracks and sounds – so I have a lot of material to choose from. I also just finished some new tracks and I am really curios to listen to them in a club situation – so of course these new and yet unreleased tracks will also be included in my next live sets.

What was your first or best sold track and on which label was it?
This was definitely the remix for Extrawelt´s Titelheld that I did for Cocoon Recordings which also hit number 3 of the Beatport techno charts.

What can we expect from you next? Any big releases like on Leena Music or Form Music again?
The next release will be the Dirty Dust EP on my own label which will be released on 10.11.2014. I have finished some new tracks, but have not planned yet where I will be releasing them.

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Roi Okev – Step It Down
Ali Kuru – Soft
Andrew Wickes – Mamacita (Patrick Kunkel & 212fahrenheit Remix)
Roi Okev – White Night (Emanuel Satie Remix)
Andrew Wickes – Another Love (Alex Piccini Remix)
Sascha Barth – Daughter & Son
Patrick Kunkel – The Dust
Patrick Kunkel – Dirty
Harvey Hunzed Productions & Alberto Niri – Enigma
Patrick Kunkel – Dirty (Matt Star Remix)
Harvey Hunzed Productions & Alberto Niri – Back To The Melody‏