„3 Shots“ with Christian Nielsen

Q: What do you think about My Favourite Freaks Podcast?

A: Love it mate! It is always cool and inspirational to hear what other DJs and producers are digging at the moment.

Q: What kind of style you played in your mix? Do you made something special? Or just a mix?

A: Every mix is always special in some way. When I mixtapes or podcasts the tracks included are always something I’m digging right at that moment. Some can be new, old or even unreleased. Mixing-wise I always do mixes as I would DJ them in a club.

Q: What is your next release and where do you release it?

A: My next release will be on Jesse Rose’s PLAY IT DOWN label 18th November. I can’t really say that much more yet, but really looking forward to it..

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1. Paul Strive – Take This Sound (Original Mix)
2. Luca Agnelli, Marco Faraone – Last Call (Original Mix)
3. NoiDoi – Wickid Snare (Original Mix)
4. Rick Sanders – Make It Free (Dub Mix)
5. Larry Cadge – Vicious Circle (Dub Mix)
6. Jaceo – 69 (Original Mix)
7. Nick Curly – Wake Me Up (Mathias Kaden’s Rhythm Remix)
8. Carlo Lio – Pepito’s Groove (Original Mix)
9. Sable Sheep – Fallen Lead Showers (Original Mix)
10. Daniel Avery – All I need (Remixed By Roman Flugel)