„3 Shots“ with Mihalis Safras

Q: What do you think about My Favourite Freaks Podcast?
A: I am really proud to be part of MFF Podcast series for the second time. MFF is my German familiaaa‏!

Q: What kind of style you played in your mix? Do you made something special? Or just a mix?
A: I go more into house lately so there you go‏ ….

Q: What is your next release and where do you release it?
A: My latest release is on the infamous US label, Nervous coming with Harry Romero remixes.‏

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The Glitz – Not easy (Sidney Charles RMX)‏
Dale Howard – Trouble‏
Yooj – Make me Bad‏
Leix – Mr Slade‏
Riccardo Abatini – Wait for you‏
Danny Serrano & Nick Daring – Living Glow‏
Redondo – Make you move‏
Mihalis Safras – Crouton‏
Mihalis Safras – Trip to NY
Mihalis Safras – excl RMX Bookashade
Mihalis Safras – Raf‏