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Supernova are Emiliano Nencioni and Giacomo Godi; an Italian DJ and production duo that have over the last decade made the transition from rising stars to established international talent and are now recognised as artists and performers of enviable stature.
Both Emiliano and Giacomo are classically trained musicians, something they believe has set their approach to electronic music apart from many of their peers, granting them the technical abilities and theoretical know-how to produce the music they want without restriction.

Taking their lead from the music of their youth – everything from Chicago house, acid house, hip-hop, funk and acid jazz – they achieved their first notable success in 2007 when Sony BMG released their debut album ‘Downtown Underground, which included collaborations from the likes of GrandMaster and Melle Mel).

As the variety of different ways that electronic artists are able to perform grows ever larger, so the debate as to what actually constitutes a DJ set rages every fiercer. Rather than get drawn into the debate however, Supernova prefer just to do their thing. At the beginning their set up was 100% live – including Moog, Virus and Micro Korg keybords, a logic control mixer and external hardware effects and filters – and they only performed their own records, but after a punishing tour schedule across two continents they realised they needed to develop something for suitable for clubs. Their current set-up comprises live instruments, decks and Ableton to create an ever-evolving musical experience that is “constantly renovated to create something unique.”

It certainly seemed to work. Gigs across the world followed their initial album tour and to date Supernova have played at some of the most established venues and festivals on the planet, including Elrow (Barcelona/Ibiza), The Bpm Festival, Monegros Desert Festival, Ministry Of Sound (London), Cavo Paradiso (Mykonos), Space (Ibiza), Kazantip Festival (Ukraine), Tenax (Italy), Space (Miami) La Terraza (Florianopolis) and many many more.

In 2009 they started their own label Lapsus Music that is now considered one of the most interesting project inside the underground independent labels world scene with support from many big names and showcases across the world.

Their probably biggest hit comes in 2010 with “Beat Me Back” the collaboration with Detroit techno master Kevin Saunderson. Following this and many other big releases, the duo have been asked to remix some of the biggest classics of the House Music such as Frankie Knuckles “The Whistle Song”, Kerri Chandler “Bar A Thym”, Jakatta “American Dream” and Romanthony “What Price Love” just to name a few.

One of the more significant relationships of recent years has been Supernova’s continuing affiliation with house giant Defected Records. Defected has released a number of the duo’s productions including remixes of seminal records ‘Can You Feel It’ and ‘Strings of Life’ as well as three Eps. 2013 marks the 10th anniversary of Supernova and the duo is asked to mix one third of the long-running and acclaimed Defected In The House Miami compilation series. The long career follow up with their strongly supported “The Circle EP” for Noir Music, their successful collaboration with acid house legend DJ Pierre “The Beat” (Lapsus Music) and remixes for Kling Klong, King Street Sounds and Moon Harbour. In 2015 the NYC legendary label King Street Sounds ask them to mix their “House Legend” compilation series and last but not least they release Suite 58 EP on Lapsus Music including remixes by Tiger Stripes and Luna City Express.
Late 2015 and early 2016 see a really tight release schedule for the Italian duo featuring tracks on Get Physical Music, Kling Klong, Stereo Productions, Toolroom, Material and their own Lapsus Music.

“We believe in this rule: ‘work hard, hard, hard with a smile on your face always trying to do something better than the day before’. Following this rule has made us growing up step by step overcoming the difficult moments and getting the best possible results”.
For Supernova, music is their life, their language and a huge part of their relationship with others people. “We believe that we have a lot to say in terms of music and that our journey is just at the beginning. The only way to complete this journey is to do a lot of good music; This is our mission!”


Hello guys! How Are You? What do you have scheduled for today?
Hi guys, we are good thanks and happy to be part of the My Favourite Freaks family 🙂 today for us
it’s another day of hard work in the studio. Just finished to mix live this podcast and now back to work
to finish some new stuff we are working on. Creartive day here!

You are label owner (Lapsus Music), producers and touring every weekend. How do you manage this massive schedule?
You are’s a massive schedule, but we love our work and we are lucky enough to be 2 persons; we work hard trying to split between us the different sides of the business and then we get together to take the final decisions. When we produce music we stay together many hours in the studio of course. Anyway time is never enough…we would need days lasting 48 hours!

Which release was the one who gave you the most attention so far?
Probably “Beat Me Back” the track we did alongside Kevin Saunderson in 2010. It was a big hit and people have talked about it for many reason 🙂 It was a nice story at the end and now we have released a track with a vocal featuring of Ann Saunderson (Inner City), we are going to release a track from Kevin’s son Danitez on Lapsus and speaking with Kevin himself to do a new collaboration soon.
Our collaboration with Defected records, Noir and the mix for Defected In the House Miami 2013 need to be mentioned too, as well as our latest releases for Get Physical Music.

Please tell us a bit about your latest releases!
In February we have released our La Rambla EP on Lapsus Music that got a lot of good feedbacks and “U’r so Hot” on Stereo Productions Miami 2016 while in December and January we released “I’ve Got You” on Get Physical Music and “The Box” on Toolroom. All of them got into the charts and have been supported a lot. We have now scheduled a new release on Get Physical in May, while in June another on Toolroom and an new EP on Lapsus as well. On the collaboration side, we are working on tracks with Luna City Express, Gene Farris, Chus & Ceballos and Prok & Fitch.

As you are touring a lot, please tell us something about your experience around the globe. What is your favourite city or country and why?
Hard to say just one place on earth! We love travelling and meet new people and different countries, food and cultures. This is def one of the best parts of our job. In many places that we’ve been we found a good reason to go back there again 🙂

What was your funniest or craziest experience while touring?
Some years ago we did a gig in a club in the deep Russia. The promoter odecided to organize our trip from Moscow to this small town inside the Siberia with a 2nd class train…we had to travel 11 hours on that train in a small cabin with 4 bunk beds alongside an old Russian women and the promoter himslef…and they both didn’t speak english!!! No food for all the trip…crazy…Once there though we received the finest hospitality ever 🙂

What were your TOP 5 gigs so far?
Elrow (Barcellona/ Ibiza) , Tenax (Florence), La Terraza (Florianopolis), Heart (Miami), Ministry Of Sound (London)

What are your top 5 tracks that are really working the dance floor in your sets at the moment?
David Keno “The Lion” (Lapsus Music)
Supernova “Rio Secreto” (Get Physical Music)
Sante Sansone “Calibrate” (Lapsus Music)
Monika Kruse “Luvsucka” (Oliver Huntemann Remix) (Terminal M)
DJ Wady “Rosa” (KD Music)

Thank you for your time and this interesting interview!
Interview by Lars

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7) DJ Wady – Rosa (Original Mix) – KD Music
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9) Moonwalk – Retrox (Original Mix) – Parquet Rec.
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11) Monika Kruse – Luvsucka (Oliver Huntemann Remix) – Terminal M
12) Supernova “U’r So Hot” (Original Mix) – Stereo Productions