LABELS:Terminal M, Tronic, Turbo, Yoshitoshi, Kraftek



“ANNA is one of Brazil’s finest exports and she’s quickly climbing the ranks with her seductive yet heavy-hitting brand of techno and tech-house.” – Mixmag

Brazil-born and Barcelona-based, ANNA is in high global demand – creating success out of everything she turns to whether producing originals for well-respected labels, remixing top-flight acts or moving dance floors the world over.

Recent releases on the likes of Tronic, Yoshitoshi, Terminal M plus a tech house signature etched on remixes for NERVO through Ultra Records and Gorgon City through Virgin EMI are cementing ANNA’s rightful place at the forefront of dance music and a credibility validated around the world after years of dedicated hard work and uncompromising dedication.

“Let’s get one thing straight: we f*cking love ANNA and her beats.” – DJ Mag

ANNA firmly believes that everyone has a purpose, and at the age of 14 she found her own calling; growing up behind the controls of her father’s popular nightclub in rural Brazil, absorbing the clubbing atmosphere and developing a strong connection to music.

Having not much of a reference point for underground music in her local DJ booth, it took moving to Sao Paulo for ANNA to dive in to the electronic music scene – quickly joining a local booking agency and getting to grips with producing her own original tracks. Hard work often isn’t glamorous, especially in the face of financial difficulties and playing for free at a young age, but ANNA’s persistence and love for what she does began to pay off as she landed a huge residency at D-Edge, a global stronghold for quality music in Sao Paulo.

Early production support came in the form of Christian Smith and his renowned Tronic label, where ANNA is still a regular collaborator. After meeting Christian once he relocated to Brazil, “Behind The Groove” was a name establishing release in 2011, with highly acclaimed follow ups on Kraftek, Bla Bla, Witty Tunes and Toolroom Records reaffirming her deft studio talent.

Continuing with a relentless touring and production schedule, she is intent on exceeding expectations in all aspects of music. Performing to packed crowds in her home of Brazil, Greece, Hungary, France, South Africa, Germany, Israel and even China, ANNA expertly draws party goers in to a frenzy.

ANNA also graces the Beatport Top 10 sales charts on a staggeringly regular occurrence and has enjoyed heavy endorsements over the years from the who’s who of DJing including Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Damian Lazarus and Pete Tong through BBC Radio 1.

“ANNA has arrived and is here to stay” according to THUMP, so watch out for a Brazilian whirlwind of grooves coming to rock a dancefloor near you.


Hello Ana! How Are You? What do you have scheduled for today?
Today I am getting on a flight back to Barcelona from Brazil. I’ve been on tour here over the last couple of weeks and have had some great shows actually!

Please tell us a bit about your latest releases!
2015 was a good year for me in terms of releases, I had some highlights, like the remix I did for Nervo on Ultra Music, it was supported for a lot of big names of the underground scene, also my release on Terminal M that also got a great support and reached top2 on Beatport, Momentum EP on Yoshitoshi and my release „Addcition To Control“ on Tronic.

Which release was the one who gave you the most attention so far?
‘Where Are You Now ‘which came out on Terminal M reached number 2 on techno chart on Beatport so I guess a lot of people probably noticed it. It was played by Richie Hawtin, Solomun, Hot Since 82 to name a few.

Tell us a bit about your upcoming releases! Is there anything special planned in 2016?
I have another track coming out on Terminal M around April next year which I’m excited about. Also a collab with Gazelle on Get Physical. Then also some remixes on Suara, Knee Deep in Sound and Yoshitoshi.

As you are touring a lot, please tell us something about your experience around the globe. What is your favourite city or country and why?
I love Tokyo because I love Japanese food. I went straight from my gig there to the fish market so I could have sushi for breakfast!

What was your funniest or craziest experience while touring?
Funniest I think was me and my manager were trying to do our own tour diary. It was a disaster. We had no idea what we were doing and I guess looking back it was quite funny cause the shots are all over the place so after that we hired a proper company to film .
Craziest I think is every time I go on tour to India. The long car journeys to get from one city to another. The crowd there goes really crazy as well. Just the entire tour in India always feels a little crazy!

You have just moved to Barcelona. What was the impulse to make that new step in your career?
Brazil is a little far from everything and everyone. It made it difficult for touring and I think it made promoters apprehensive about booking me because of flight costs. Also Barcelona has such an amazing vibe – a lot people from the industry are here. It’s very well connected. Also to be honest unfortunately the situation in Brazil right now is not so good so I saw a good opportunity to leave and decided it was the right moment and I couldn’t be happier!

What were your TOP 5 gigs so far?
Carl Cox Space, Ibiza
Ultra Festival, Croatia
Sisyphos, Berlin
Terraza, Brazil
Coda, Toronto

What are your top 5 tracks that are really working the dance floor in your sets at the moment?
View of Delpth – Wehbba
Christian Smith – Turn The Lights
Midland – Stop (Don’t Let The Beat)
Rob Hes & ANNA – Oberheim
Know hat – Trust In My World (Tripmastaz Remix)

Thank you for your time and this interesting interview!
Interview by Lars

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Playlist – Very Very (Butch Remix)
ANNA – Unstable Structures
Nervo – Haute Mess (ANNA remix)
Marc Marzenit – Perron (wehbba Remix)
Wehbba – Red Sun
Martin Eyerer – The Metro
Onus Ozman – I am Crying (Hot Since 82 Remix)
Lee Van Dowsky – Lee’s Mobile
ANNA – Addiction To Control
Rue East – Birmingham (Wehbba Edit)
ANNA – Self Assembly
ANNA – Drum Machines Do Have Soul
Christian Smith & John Selway – Surrender ( Acid House Mix)
Re-Fund – See You There (Alberto Ruiz Remix)
ANNA – Let Me Take You