DJ, producer and label owner with groove in his blood. But also a family man with a great heart. He lives just outside Frankfurt, but is not a mainstream kind of guy. The atmosphere and the vibe of his tracks are intended to carry this mood into the clubs, onto dancefloors or basically anywhere you hear it. He had achieved a lot in the last years. Maximum, possibly.

And that manifests his brilliancy. Modern techhouse, sharpened with swing, groove, and some typical „M.in humour“. Unlike many others he can successfully put basically any sound into his tracks. He pairs deep bass-drum with Afrobeat, Latin or popular swinging jazz. He has convinced some of the greatest in the industry of his genius and became a „big one“ himself.

Releases on renowned labels like OFF REC., DESOLAT, SOUVENIR, GET PHYSICAL, KD MUSIC, TRAPEZ LTD., ROBSOUL, PLAY IT DOWN, BAR 25, SYSTEMATIC RECORDING and OM RECORDS followed. He remixed Radio Slave, Marc Romboy and various other artists.

He is constantly pushing and promoting his own labels, MY FAVOURITE FREAKS MUSIC and WEPLAYMINIMAL.
His quote and credo: a track needs vibe. Also his new album will be full of vibes.



Hello Markus! How Are You? What do you have scheduled for today?
Watching David Chiang movies, drinking a lot of beer and eat some burgers.

Please tell us a bit about your latest releases!
My latest release was on the Material ADE compilation what was successful on traxsource. It stayed in the charts over a month and reached the top 20. Also Green Velvet charted the track.
I also did a remix for Raffa FL on Erase Rec. that sold good on beatport.
In august i had my last EP together with Yost Koen and the amazing singer Leroy. This release was a big success as it went out on Snatch! (label of Riva Starr) and all three version was in the beatport charts. The original version sold most and got many chartings by good names. I also hear this track a lot at different clubs played by different artists like Technasia for example.

Tell us a bit about your upcoming releases! Is there anything special planned in 2016?
Next release will be on our label My Favourite Freaks Music. We collected tracks from our artists and compiled a compilation that will be released on 4 vinyls and as mix compilation (mixed by me). Yost Koen and i did a track for the first vinyl.
After that i’ll have some remixes for example for Franz Alice Stern on Trapez, for Nana K. & Ben Champell also on Trapez and a remix for Ramon Tapia together with Franz Alice Stern on My Favourite Freaks Music.
Another EP together with Gunman will be released end of February on New Violence Rec. incl. a Seff Remix and an EP on MFF Music also. Another collab with Pete Kaltenburg will maybe released on Lapsus and i still waiting for some answers of some cool labels.

Your new Label My Favourite Freaks Music is now established since over a year. Next week MFF MUSIC goes Vinyl w/ a new V.A. called “CONCEPT.” . What is the idea behind to release now Vinyl as well?

Vinyl isn’t important for the music scene anymore but it is sexy 🙂 and freaks love sex … joke.
As we grown up and got stronger and stronger, we want to show people that we have developed ourselves. The Concept. compilation shows a part of our maturation. To be on vinyl was really important for me (and we are really happy we start a collab with Pressology Distribution). Our music started to be released on vinyl. There was no MP3s and no sync buttons in the beginning. Techno or House should be on vinyl as it has always been the perfect medium to showcase this music.

With CONCEPT. My Favourite Freaks is touring as well in 2016. What do you personally expect accordingly to that tour?
When we started our My Favourite Freaks “We Are One” tour this year we didn’t know how it would work and how it will be. Now we got that experience and a new vision. It is always great to be on tour with label or booking mates. It’s always fun if you don’t have to travel alone to gigs outside our hometown.
Also we represent our label so it’s nicer if you have more than only 2 hours to show the growd what we doing. A whole night together with the freaks can be big fun.

What were your TOP 5 gigs in 2015?
1. Sisyphos – Berlin Hammerhalle
2. Sisyphos – Berlin (Hammerhalle b2b2b with dotSTRIPE and Erman Erim)
3. Sisyphos – Berlin (Dampfer b2b2b2b with Alex Piccini, Erman Erim, David Brenner)
4. Bukowski – Heilbronn
5. Lauter Unfug – Luxembourg

What are your top 5 tracks that are really working the dance floor in your sets at the moment?
Sishi Rösch – The Real Underground (VIVa MUSiC LIMITED)
Madame – Shuffle (Chambray Remix) BNR Trax
Montel – Hear Me (Philip Bader Remix) Lost Records
RYME – Pusse (Don Rimini Remix) BNR Trax
M.in & Bruno Gentile – Rotate

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