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The exploration of the deeper side of techno by Dosem, since busting onto the scene almost 10 years ago, has seen him clock up countless air miles, release a string of hit club tracks and earn accolades from many of his peers, who deem him to be one of the most influential underground Spanish DJs in the scene today. The demand for Dosem’s infusion of deep textured sounds, relentless precision drums and driving rhythms which make up his club cuts that are making dance floors shake the world over shows no sign of slowing.

First emerging in 2008 with a number of early releases, it was his eloquently carved club hit ‘Silent Drop’ that was released on Technasia’s label SINO in 2009 which first cemented his name into the consciousness of fans of deep and soulful club music. But it was the release of the cosmic classic ‘Beach Kisses’ in 2009 via Joris Voorn’s influential Green label that confirmed his position as one of the scenes leading new artists. The coming years saw his profile flourishing with an expansive booking diary and a host of releases on a wide scope of labels including Danny Howells famed UK Label Dig Deeper and the Barcelona based Suara owned by Spanish tech-house mainstay Coyu. But the true marker to Dosem’s potential came in 2011 when he unveiled his critically acclaim, debut album called ‘Parallel.’ Hinting at his rich pallet, he delivered atmospheric techno, with sweeping pads conjuring epic, ethereal soundscape and laid down a blueprint for the Dosem sound, that had been steadily maturing, for the coming years.

The immediate years following saw him drop tracks and remixes on some of the biggest labels around, making Dosem one of the key influences within the bubbling melodic techno scene. Labels such as Christian Smiths Tronic, Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat, Slam’s Soma Records and John Digweeds seminal Bedrock all feature in Dosems swollen back catalogue. Yet it was the 2013’ album ‘Origin,’ the follow up to ‘Parallel,’ that heralded the next chapter of his esteemed production career. ‘Origin,’ saw Dosem re-explore his roots, diving further into the sounds and ideas which inspired him, the result saw tougher, club driven tracks interspersed with soulful melodies and interstellar funk that became a firm fan favourite.

A host of releases followed, revisiting labels which felt like extended family, such as Carl Cox’s Intec and Coyu’s Suara as well as making new bonds with releases on US label Halocyan and Gregor Tresher’s ‘Break New Soil’ label. During this period he dropped his third, full-length artist album ‘City Cuts’ in 2014. The accomplished release touched upon influences running throughout the Dosem sound. The referencing of urban life harked back to an earlier era on electronic music looking to the earlier Detroit techno pioneers use of music to capture the imagery of the city’s industrial heritage, the synth lead explorations of sound undertaken by artists such as Mike Oldfield and William Orbit and Vangelis’s conjuring of a dystopian future with his Oscar award winning scores are all prevalent. Dosem applied these ideas of ‘City Cuts’ and produced a deep, soulful album touching upon his love of techno, house and urban club music. Dub-influenced gems, disco-tinged anthems and rave-inspired floor-fillers, ‘City Cuts’ – that again saw him release on the esteemed Suara – also took home Spanish publication Vicious Magazine’s ‘Album Of The Year’ award that same year, indicating the Catalan’s supreme passion, talent, depth and versatility as a producer.

Most recent releases, from his remix of Hot Since 82’s ‘Planes & Trains’ which reached No.1 in Beatports Techno charts to working his deep house magic on Umek & Mike Vale’s ‘All I Want’- that has kept dancefloors rolling deep into 2015 and upon its release taking the #1 spot on Beatport’s deep house chart – make it apparent that the demand for his productions shows no sign of slowing and thankfully for his fans, neither does the rate at which he produces such seismic beats.

Earning a coveted spot as one of Beatport’s Top 5 techno artists of 2014, Dosem’s global acclaim a as a producer and highly prized re-mixer continues to spread. But his skills as a DJ are equally heralded and a relentless touring scheduled since appearing on the international circuit has won him not only the adoration of his fans but also the respect of his peers within the scene itself. This summer saw his most prolific Ibiza schedule to date taking apart Sankeys, Blue Marlin and Privilege Vista Club, as well as Ushuaïa, Space and Pacha on previous visits to the island, Dosem’s versatility between festival annihilator and beach party connoisseur, magnifies his appeal and his dexterity when crowd reading and critically knowing when to play the right record at the right time have left audience in raptures.

Career defining sets at Berghain (Berlin,) Womb (Toyko,) Gashouder (Amsterdam,) Nitsa Apolo (Barcelona,) Rex Club (Paris,) Space Ibiza (New York,) and Ministry of Sound (London) as well as festival performances at Sónar, Ultra Music Festival, Loveland, Awakenings, BPM Festival and Monegros as well as many more have put Dosem in the bracket of top Dj-Producers at the moment.

So given his history, its no surprise that he has also gained wide support across the electronic spectrum and with fans and followers of the Catalonian’s unique perspective of electronic music, 2016 is set to be a big year.



Hello Marc! How Are You? What do you have scheduled for today?
I’m fine thanks! I’m answering this interview in the plane. I’m playing today in Belgrade and tomorrow in Helsinki.

Please tell us a bit about your latest releases!
It has been a very intense year of releases. I released Ep’s and remixes for Toolroom, Suara, Stereo…

Which release was the one who gave you the most attention so far?
Probably my remix for Ny’s Finest “Do You Feel Me” released on Toolroom Records, since it reached the top charts on Beatport and was a slightly different approach to the production style I’m known for. But I love challenges. I don’t like to be stuck in only one genre.

Tell us a bit about your upcoming releases! Is there anything special planned in 2016?
I just released an Ep with Halocyan Records, a fantastic label from Los Angeles which releases very cool stuff. I also did a remix for Marc Romboy that will be released on Systematic Recordings and an Ep with Stereo plus a collab with Chus & Ceballos. For next year I’m preparing the launch of my own label named Houstrike. Will be a laboratory of ideas, a platform where I will be able to explore a wider spectrum of music styles and experiment a little bit further than usual. I also signed another Ep for Suara to be released on January.

As you are touring a lot, please tell us something about your experience around the globe. What is your favourite city or country and why?
There are few places in the world that I love to visit: Tokyo, Hong Kong, Ibiza, Amsterdam, New York, Melbourne… too many to mention! But indeed, my favourite city is my hometown Girona.

What was your funniest or craziest experience while touring?
There are many little funny stories. For example an unexpected all-night-long karaoke session with promoters, friends and other artists in Tokyo… I also have a very good memory when I was playing under a massive tempest in a techno festival in Mendonza, Argentina with random power cuts and part of the technical staff trying to protect the equipment with coats, towels… but nobody of us wanted to stop the music and all the crowd kept dancing until the end of my set, it was magical!

In 2014 you released your Album “City Cuts” on Suara. Vicious Magazine even voted it to the best album of the year. As well we met each other at the Suara Showcase at Panama Club Amsterdam during the ADE – massive one btw – . What does this collab w/ Suara mean for you?
I have a very good friendship with Coyu for a long time, we have a very similar taste with music. They are also a very cool team of people and it feels like home for me. Suara is a label that releases lot of different styles of music and I feel very identified with that. On the other hand, they’ve always supported my musical concept a lot, giving me total freedom when I was producing the album.

You are touring lately a lot in Germany and your fan base over there is growing rapidly. Do you see differences between the Spanish and German electronic music scene?
Every night it’s different. Sometimes you can play in the same country the same weekend in different clubs and it feels like a different story each gig. Sometimes it’s different even playing in the same club when you return to it after one year. So it’s impossible to generalize.

What were your TOP 5 gigs so far?
I have too many good memories with gigs so it’s very hard for me to pick one. For example if we talk about this last year, I felt very honored to play at Sónar Festival after the Chemical Brothers, probably one of the top gigs in my career. I also loved to play at Eumes Stage in the old town of Girona, playing open air in front of the cathedrals. Ultra Miami was very cool as well… Suara party at Panama Club… also the tour in Japan, the residency in Ibiza, etc. I had some amazing memories from my gigs in Germany as well… Like I said is very hard to pick just 5 even if I only think in this year.

What are your top 5 tracks that are really working the dance floor in your sets at the moment?

Thank you for your time and this interesting interview! Thanks Lars!
Interview by Lars

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