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Chris Wood
Since 2004 Chris proceeds as successful producer and remixer. By now, there are a couple of numerous releases and remixes under his hand. He released for example on labels like Moon Harbour, Pressure Traxx, Souvenir, Upon You, Below, Freebase Records, Kindisch, MurMur or be_chosen.
2009 Chris started working with his friend Meat (Carsten Schuchmann). Since then they released a couple of tracks and remixes on different labels and they DJ together at clubs all around the world.

There last EPs where played by big names like Sven Väth Ricardo Villalobos, Seth Troxler and many more. Since 2012 Chris and Meat run the store Freebase Records & Sneakers together and founded the label Freebase Records.

….is murder!
Frankfurt/Main in the very early nineties. What wannabe-philosophers from today’s capital of Germany years later polemized as the „Raving Revolution“, was just under way. However the Hessians preferred to party in Clubs like the Omen and Dorian Gray or organized small illegal open air parties out in the woods rather than giving advantage to gigantic industrial ruins. An innocent naive era that still today is inspiring. It’s mind child is Carsten Schuchmann alias DJ Meat.
Affected by countless Frankfurt-nights since 1990 and finally persuaded in summer 1991 through the mythical love parade Meat became one of the signboards of the city of capital. Getting his merits on playing on unlawful parties in closed motorway service areas, ruins of houses and under bridges he emerged from a backyard-DJ to a real professional. Meat is the weight-bearing column under the famous Freebase Records shop. Founded in 1994, the store swung soon itself from a small backyard shop up to the prime address and since then it belongs to the irrefutable constants in this unstable business even far beyond Germany and the electronic scene. A few years later Meat compiled the splendid „ELECTRO FIELDS“ CD for the Hamburg Density label and founded the in-house label Below which deals with everything in-between House, experimental electronic and minimal attempts. In these interfaces DJ Meat also finds himself.
Equipped with old-school-traits he has both, the forever sharped blades of the past days plus an undelusive instinct for essential novelties. With his mother’s milk he sucked in techno and the basics of Chicago and Detroit which goe s perfectly together with the minimized housy sounds of nowadays. This load of craftsmanship doesn’t remain without consequences.
Meat was one of the style guiding resident DJs at the earliest incarnation of the Frankfurt down town club “Monza” and jointly responsible for the legendary nimbus of this place. From there on he grooved Sven Väth’s colossal future vision “Cocoon” as a resident before he initiated together with selcted guests and freebase staff the monthly “Freebase Night” at holy Robert-Johnson Club. Up till now his steady home base in the Rhein-Main-area.
Besides, the passionate socker fan (who else would place a TV in his record shop during the world championship) hops around throughout Europe with growing success. On one of those trips someone might have sold him an extra power-battery that provides him with surplus supernatural energy. Plus all these activities as a DJ, label generator and record shop owner he recently doesn’t only buy special and world’s best records but produces them by himself. Together with Einzelkind he released the smashing first productions “Meat is Murder EP” and a worthy successor called “Words from The Frontline” on the well known label „Get Physical“.
Next stop in his producer career was the very successful „La Pena“ label where he released with Einzelkind together.
After a couple of tracks on various compilations Meat and some remix works he did some collaborations with „Reboot“ as the remix project „Lakeof“ and with his new studio partner Chris Wood with whom he released 2009 two Ep’s on his own label Below and Kindisch.
Beginning of 2010 a new ep of the duo infernale Meat & Chris Wood called „Back Down Ep“ was released on the london based label Murmur. After a relaxed summer 2010 and a couple Remixes for Jacuzzi Boys and some other well known Artists , Meat & Wood came back on the homeprint Label Below with their VH2010 ep.
And the production story continued.


My Favourite Freaks Interview

Hello Chris, Hello Carsten!! How Are You? What do you have scheduled for today?
Nothing special for today…just hanging around in vancouver and Italy at the moment 🙂

You are working at Freebase Frankfurt. Maybe you can tell us a bit about the history of this shop and how it changed in the last years. Do you still also sell vinyl? Is Freebase still a meeting point for djs?
Freebase was founded 20 years ago. In the beginning we only had records and a bit of other stuff. Until now, we moved 3 times in Frankfurt and we turned into a propper records & sneakers shop. We also have a nice onlinestore:
And yes, we are still a meeting point for Djs: Robert Dietz, Sonjar Moonear, Sven Väth, Tobi Neumann, Reboot, Sascha Dive are just a few names who is coming around at our store.
Please tell us a bit about your latest releases!
We just released a EP (4 tracks on vinyl + 3 digital tracks) on Desolat X called Chris Wood & Meat – Birds Flying High EP – and on Upon You, we just released a remix for DJ Le Roy !

Which release was the one who gave you the most attention so far?
One of our big releases was definitely “Triple S” on souvenir records

Tell us a bit about your upcoming releases! Is there anything special planned for 2015?
There is a track coming up on La Pena, the label from Einzelkind. And we did a remix for Gruia, which is coming out on Natural Rhythm

As you are touring a lot, please tell us something about your experience around the globe. What is your favourite city or country and why?
Every gig is something special 🙂

Thank you for your time and this interesting interview!
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