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DJ, producer and label owner with groove in his blood.
But also a family man with a great heart. He lives just outside Frankfurt, but is not a mainstream kind of guy.
The atmosphere and the vibe of his tracks are intended to carry this mood into the clubs, onto dancefloors or basically anywhere you hear it. He had achieved a lot in the last years. Maximum, possibly. And that manifests his brilliancy. Modern techhouse, sharpened with swing, groove, and some typical “ humor”.
Unlike many others he can successfully put basically any sound into his tracks. He pairs deep bass-drum with Afrobeat, Latin or popular swinging jazz. He has convinced some of the greatest in the industry of his genius and became a “big one” himself.

Releases on renowned labels like OFF REC., DESOLAT, SOUVENIR, GET PHYSICAL, KD MUSIC, TRAPEZ LTD., ROBSOUL, PLAY IT DOWN, BAR 25, SYSTEMATIC RECORDING and OM RECORDS followed. He remixed Radio Slave, Marc Romboy and various other artists. He is constantly pushing and promoting his own labels, MY FAVOURITE FREAKS MUSIC and WEPLAYMINIMAL.

His quote and credo: a track needs vibe. Also his new album will be full of vibes.’s new album wil be released in autumn 2014 and it will include a lot of great remixes of well-known DJ’s !



Hello Markus! How Are You? What do you have scheduled for today?
I’m fine but i need more sleep. I’m already sitting in my office and working on the next release of our label My Favourite Freaks Music by Hermanez.

You are Label owner (My Favourite Freaks Music, Weplayminimal), Producer, almost every weekend touring and a proud daddy and husband. How do you handle this massive weekly schedule?
It’s a lot of work but not impossible. Every day another mission. After 13 o’clock my son is the most important thing. Before and when he’s in bed, i work on the money bringing stuff.

What’s coming next? You already have some new EPs done?
Yes, for sure. Next EP will be released on VIVa MUSiC in July. Also an EP on Bad Barbie Rec. (Label of Aldo Cadiz) and an EP on Snatch! including an great Upercent remix will be ready soon.

What happen next on My Favourite Freaks?
As My Favourite Freaks Music is our baby we try to push it as well as we can. Out now is the debut album of Danny Serrano that already got a massive support by many big names. Next will be an EP by Hermanez and also Ramon Tapia prepare his EP for us. In November we’ll be back with the next Compilation and the next label tour.

You also working again on Weplayminimal. In the beginning of you started this label and it got always a lot of attention. In the last two or three years it was quiet around the label. But now it’s back. What’s your schedule here?
I started to built up a new crew around the label. Pete Kaltenburg and Steffen Kopp brought new energy into the label and we started to plan label showcase. We already played together at Weekend – Berlin, Fabrik – Bayreuth, Altes Stellwerk – Dillenburg and more. Next release on Weplayminimal will be a remix EP of Safado’s “Back by Seven” and an EP by Nana K.

What were your TOP 3 gigs so far?

Sisyphos – Berlin
Sisyphos – Berlin
Sisyphos – Berlin

What are your top 5 tracks that are really working the dance floor in your sets at the moment?

Dale Howard – Out The Rut
Mihalis Safras & Cj Jeff – Yellow Sun (Emanuel Satie Remix) – Feeling
wAFF – Fat Gash
Sascha Wallus – Me & I ( Remix)

Thank you for your time and this interesting interview!

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