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Best friends since childhood, Anëk originate from Copenhagen, Denmark and are the first female duo to be welcomed to the exclusive VIVa MUSiC roster. With over 10 years of experience DJ’ing and producing under a different alias, Karina & Denise, who now reside in the UK, are far from unexperienced in the house music scene. From a young age the two friends found their passion and calling in electronic music, and from 2001 have wasted no time pursuing a career doing what they love most.

Anëk’s introduction to house music fans came with their inclusion in the first VIVa MUSiC Be-At TV podcast in February 2012, sparking initial interest in the highly talented duo. Their back-to-back playing emanating energy, dynamics and an all-round uplifting house vibe.

The first release from Anëk, „Time Is Now“ came out on vinyl on the Ibiza based label Chronovision and will be followed up by their yet to be released track „This World,“ featuring vocals from house legend Robert Owens as well remixes by DJ W!ld, Lee Brinx and Veitengruber. Their production “Come Out To Play” became the anthem of VIVa Warriors 2012 after it was exclusively played summer long by Steve LAWLER. The track has now been made available as a free download in collaboration with Mixmag (maybe put the link here to the download if you feel like it).

Currently working in the studio on various productions, their first release on VIVa MUSiC will see their standout track ‘Girltalk’ as part of the labels 100th EP. The VIVa100 EP embraces all key VIVa MUSiC artists, including Steve LAWLER, Darius Syrossian, LEON, Livio & Roby, Julian Perez and more providing forward thinking productions for a very special release. As well as this they have also mixed Part 1 of the VIVa MUSiC Best Of Twenty Twelve.

In the past year Anëk have made a very positive impression indeed, displaying their ear for producing solid dance floor cuts as well as playing alongside artists such as Steve LAWLER, Tiefschwarz, Darius Syrossian, Santé and LEON at various VIVa Warriors parties, VIVa MUSiC showcases and other events worldwide.

2013 is set to be a bright year for the dynamic duo.



Hello gals! How are you and what do you have scheduled for today?
Hi we are great, thanks for having us 🙂 
Well, today we are working on some new music as usual, producing from home. Karina in Paris, Denise in UK.. But we work back and forth like this almost every day, even though we live in 2 different countries. We are also preparing for our VIVa Warriors gig in Bristol tomorrow. We will be playing the closing set after Steve Lawler, so searching for some nice new tracks.

What is behind your Pseudonym “Anek”, from where came the idea to name your project like this?
It actually doesn’t really mean anything, but it’s a mixture of the letters in both of our names. We also think it sounds a bit Scandinavian.. even though it’s not 🙂

Such a long time as a Duo. A lot of collabs and DJ Teams are coming and going. You are standing tall with massively successful! How would you describe your relationship and how do you manage 2 individuals with having a mind of one´s own?
Ah thank you so much! 🙂 We have been friends since childhood, knowing each other since school, so we really know the ins and outs of each other. Sometimes we don’t even have to speak as we know each other so well.
As you say we are 2 individuals, and 2 different minds, but what really makes it work for us is that we have the exact same taste in music, and we just have a lot of fun while doing what we love the most. 

Please tell us a bit about your latest and upcoming releases! 
We just did a remix for Pete Dorling – called “Sing” Remix will be out 2nd Feb – on Sex Panda White Records. Then we have just signed a 4 track EP that will be out in March on Resonance Records. Also working on lots of new material that will be released before the summer. 

Where were your latest gigs and what experience you made while touring?
Last weekend we played at the great club “The Egg” in London, and for a cool club night in Hannover called  “Ramba Zamba“. This month we also played in Qatar. 
What is amazing about touring is that no matter what corner in the world you are in, different cultures or languages, people connect and bond over the same music. We always say that music really is an universal language. 

What was your funniest or craziest experience while touring?
There are many, but this experience really sticks in our minds.
Some years ago we were booked to a party in South of France, we thought it was a normal club, but soon realised it was a kind of a company party.  We thought it was a complete mistake booking as age group was at least 60+. When we started playing these people went mental, and loved the music… There was a chill out area in the corner and they started throwing the pillows around and a couple of older gentlemen took their tops off. When we looked out on the crowd it looked like being in a normal club, but looking closer these people were no spring chickens haha 🙂 They raved all night long and it just shows that you can’t judge a book by its cover 🙂 To this day this was probably one of the most unexpected parties. 

What are your top 5 tracks that are really working the dance floor in your sets at the moment?

Philip Bader “Handmade“ (Detlef Remix) 
Cuartero, wAFF „Break a Sweat“ (Original Mix) 
Steve Lawler „House Record“ (Original Mix) 
Volkoder „Girl Crazy” (Original Mix)
Philip Bader “Julia” (Original Mix)

Thank you for this interesting interview!
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Metodi Hristov – Misted – Original Mix
Cuartero & wAFF – Break a Sweat – Original Mix
Philip Bader – Handmade – Detlef Remix
Astin – Dejected – Paul C & Paolo Martini Remix
Paul C & Paolo Martini – Speedmachine – Original Mix
Philip Bader – Julia – Original Mix
Harry Romero – Get Down – Original Mix
Volkoder – Girl Crazy – Original Mix
The Martinez Brothers – Tree Town – Original Mix
Pete Dorling – Sing – Anek Remix
Steve Lawler – House Record – Original Mix
Kasbah Zoo & OmniWax – No Eyes – AND.ID Remix
Darkrow & David Herrero – Nair – Ronan Portela Remix