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Besides his basic knowledge in violin, guitar and piano, Oscar Wandel aka Don Brazo a ritter butzke resident musician , sensitively transforms the dancefloor into a glowing sound experience as soon as his Live-Set kicks off the first beat.
With influences from his Hip Hop background, intoxicating Breakbeats and different elements of House and Techno music, he builds up a melodic room that leaves enough space for vocal-samples from old school comics and well known movies.

Grown up in a house full of music, Don Brazo started to produce his first beats with the old records of his parents. Even today he emerges samples from Funk classics back to self-produced beats of his Hip Hop past.

With his first gig 2010 at “Körperorigami”, he decided straightaway: 
“I would feel awkward, playing music of other people.” 

It was that little moment, that sharpened his affinity to sounds, tones and melodies, found in our everyday life.
Without a doubt, one thing is clear: There are no borders, and if used consciously even a fart can be transformed into music



Hello Don !
Hi Freaks

How Are You? What do you have scheduled for today ?
I make music and after that I ll do the same

Your Pseudonym “Don Brazo” have a deeper meaning ?

I startet my music carrear as a rapper and hiphop producer . As I started making house music my brother who was making music with me , gave me this name . Braz music was a synonym for techno in general and within a freestyle this name was born

Please tell us a bit about your latest and upcoming releases !

This month I release a remix ep of my so far best working song “funkel & glitzer” on aromamusic . We will celebrate this on sunday 21.06.15 at jonny knüppel.
The next releases will be on cubetribe and sophisticate retreat the next months

Which release was the one who gave you the most attention so far ?
I think the most attantion I get from the release of “klafuenf” inkl the great sven dohse remix on ritter butzke studio and before that the first sucessful song was “funkel & Glitzer”, but also the actuall release on shaboo “the sun” gave me a push.

How would you describe your sound ?
I would describe it as funky deephouse with a touch of tech house . I often take samples from old records from my hiphop “past” to start the action , but I try to create a new sound from it . I feel that these samples got an own atmosphere and sound, wich I use as my fundament.
You have a other side project with “Gutzeit & Wandel”
what is the difference to your Solo Project ?

The main difference is mrs Gutzeit with her sexy saxophon play 🙂 .
We try to give our sound a touch of deepness without beeing too straight and we love techno music with live instruments .we plan to involve more instruments like different synthesizer .
Our first release will come this summer on “make scents audio”

What was your funniest or craziest experience while touring ?
I was drunk and lost my room in our hotel in warzawa … I walked from door to door to try to get in and woke up all people on my floor while doing it.
I got my shoes back the next morning 🙂

What were your TOP 5 gigs so far ?
On the truck at karneval der kulturen
sisyphos wintergarten and outside directly after that with mrs gutzeit
I had fun in istanbul at kloster
Plötzlich am Meer was a crazy gig direct at the sea
and always a good spot is my home “ ritter butzke”

What are your top 5 tracks that are really working the dance floor in your sets at the moment?
Don brazo – Klafuenf
Don Brazo – Klafuenf (Sven Dohse Remix)
Funken & Lichter – The Sun i make you feel

Thank you for your time and this interesting interview!
Interview by Stefan

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don brazo – klafuenf
d&d – niquer ( in-out remix )
bagagee, viphex13, guy dahan – Hey Jack ( AFRIAT remix  )
Ricky Tenaglia – Look back ( don brazo remix )
Paul Mad – Hard Times
Beckers – Switch ( Beckers 2014 remix )
Dachshund – Ganja
Dale Howard – Rattler
Audiojack – Scarlett Groove
Oliver Giacomotto – Dawn
Crazy P – Heartbreaker
don brazo – Herbstwind