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Deep & Funky and Driving! These are just 3 words how to describe Maximilian Stolze’s Sound!

Maximilian started deejaying in 2009. After drifting into different kinds of HipHop and House music he finally came upon his current style: a bassline-driven, groovie house sound, uncommercial, timeless and sound for connoisseurs of sophisticated electronic music. Thoughtfully calibrated to drive crowds out of their minds…

No Question, Maximilian is one of the most technically skilled DJs from the south german area, playing classic with Vinyl and CD without the use of a Laptop. His DJ sets begin very deep, build up a special tension and getting straighter and keep pushing more forward! Dynamic and energetic from start to finish! It’s his desire to give his audience the unparalleled listening pleasure which it deserves! In 2014 he started producing and his first releases are about to come soon! He’s playing in Clubs like Katerholzig (Berlin), Wax (BKK), Cafe 1001 (London), Tanzhaus West (FFM), Antiroille (Montpellier), Douala (Ravensburg), Romy S. (Stuttgart) just to name a few…



Hello Maximilian! How Are You? What do you have scheduled for today?
Heyho Guys I’m pretty good now after recovering from the weekend where I jammed b2b with my Bro Dan Buri at Bukowski in Heilbronn and had too many Sambukas resulting in a sweet lil hangover^^… So today is nearly over by now and was pretty average I guess: I went to the haircutter, to the supermarket, cooked some Pad Thai for lunch, did a bit of work at my car and finally I went in my Studio to record this mix 😉

You are an event promoter and DJ. How about the producer side? Do you have any ambitions or already unreleased tracks in the pipeline?
Yes that’s right, my biggest passion at the moment is still deejaying but I’m also keen on making my own Beats and already started with that last Year. I would say I am still in the beginnings and learning about the different possibilities and fine-tuning of producing… I already have some unreleased Tracks and some unfinished projects and hope to get on it in the next months. I will start to release my Tracks when I would play them by myself in the Club, thats my personal requirement!

Tell us a bit about your upcoming months! Is there anything special planned for?
Yes there are many things! Biggest thing is that I’m actually spending my last summer in Stuttgart / Germany now, cause I saved up a bit of money and are planning to go for a big travel around the Globe especially South America for about 2 or 3 Years maybe. I am very excited and happy about that cause I love to travel, meet new people, see different cultures and of course explore the Club-scene somewhere abroad! Apart from this I am really looking forward to play at some Festivals such as the „Chateau Perche Festival“ a old Castle on top of a big Hill in South-France or to play on a Pool-party in Palermo with my friends from Mood-Label. I am also happy to play in Switzerland for the Honey Badger Crew in July and again in London this time for the Rhythmatic Crew in September and and of course many other Gigs here in Germany!

As you are touring a lot, please tell us something about your experience around the globe. What is your favorite city or country and why?
In every country or City on the planet there is a different vibe and different crowd which is celebrating on their own way. Ether eccentric or more on an even keel, but the basic feeling which is transmitted by House-music has always a common thread in there I would say! For me Berlin is the best City I’ve ever experienced so far cause the creativity of this City is so powerful, the opportunities are endless and somehow, always when I arrive in Berlin it feels like home inside! I played a lil’ Thailand tour last Year which was very impressive for example to play at Wax Club in Bangkok in front of a totally different crowd as I was used to. I saw many beautiful Thai-woman but nearly no Thai-men, there were just European looking Guys in there, so I was wondering where all the Thai men go out partying then :D. I also played a sundowner DJ set on top of a huge Hotel Rooftop on the 38th level with a overwhelming view over the Skyline of Bangkok. I also enjoyed to play in Montpellier cause they have a very big electronic music underground-scene, its a beautiful old City and I had a great hospitality too! There are too many other places I could rave about but I restrain myself now 😉

What was your funniest or craziest experience while touring?
Hmmm I could tell you many hangover stories at first attempt if when I think about that Question now but somehow I have a feeling that this might not be so good for my reputation so I tell you a story about a little crazy Open Air we’ve organized in Ravensburg back in 2012 😀 We planned a illegal free secret location OA on a little river in Ravensburg and it was a sunny day and there have been way more people than we expected so after 4 hours the police came and told us to stop it so we said „OK“ but actually we just packed our stuff in some cars and went with it to a different secret spot in the forest somebody told us which should be really awesome. Many of the people followed us quietly and we had a big blast in that spectacular Area we found there until we noticed that this is a natural monument we were dancing on cause the owner of this ground appeared and called the cops again and they ordered us off that place again. At least it was already 9pm and we had some great hours at both locations. Then suddenly a guy appeared and said: „Hey guys I really like your sound and what you’ve been doing all day. I have a Club here in Ravensburg and if you like you can all play there the whole night long!“ 😀 And so we did with many of the people we just met that day… Long story short: It was a very long day and night with many emotions, twists and turns! *I Love You But I’ve Chosen Disco Open Air

What were your TOP 5 gigs so far?
Puhhh hard to delimit it, but i’ll try. I’d say I’ve had some very special moments at Antirouille (Montpellier), Klub Goldene Nacht Open Air (Stuttgart), Muna (Bad Klosterlausnitz), Wax Club (Bangkok) and at KimTimJim (Stuttgart)

What are your top 5 tracks that are really working the dance floor in your sets at the moment?

1. Medeew & Chicks Luv Us – A Chipe A Chope (Cuartero Remix)
2. Luca Donzelli – Summerama (Original Mix)
3. Sven Tasnadi – Another Mother (Original Mix)
4. Rodriguez Jr. – Mustang (Original Mix)
5. Arthur Roussel, CRVCKHOUSE – Azimut (Jef K Remix)

Thank you for your time and this interesting interview!
Interview by Stefan

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Daniel Jacques – End Of My World
Osunlade – Momma’s Groove (Jimpster’s Slipped Disc Mix)
Medeew & Chicks Luv Us – A Chipe A Chope (Cuartero Remix)
David Alvarado – Blue (Olivier Giacomotto Remix)
Smoke Sykes – Elisabeth (Snilloc Remix)
Rachel Row – L Square (Kink Beat Mix)
Him_self_her – Number Game (Original Mix)
Deetron – Photon (Deetron WP Dub)
Hauswerks, Jaymo & Andy George – Take It to the Hoop (Original Mix)
Housemaster Boys – House Nation (Doorly Remix) (Vinyl Only)
Mad_Us – I’m A Stranger In Your Heart (Luca Donzelli Remix)
Gee Van D – The Underground (feat. Mygod)
Mathias Kaden – Energie (feat. Rocko Schamoni)