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LABELS: Yuma, Natura Viva, Quanticman Records



What do you get when you mix two brothers, with equal amounts of ambition, natural talent and a fair old dose of Northern charm? …The Willers Brothers, that’s what, and they’re one of the most exciting young acts to hit London’s electronic music scene in quite some time. Since arriving in the capital in 2012, they’ve quickly notched up an impressive array of achievements, from a residency at Egg London to several well-received releases,to hosting shows on London’s premier online station’s like Hoxton FM, Egg LDN Radio and Le Chic FM.

Their fate was sealed from the moment they were born, music is in the Willers blood you see from an early age there was a big influence from their father in the way of hip-hop, drum’n’bass or a variety of other styles of music. Following in the footsteps of so many before them, Sean and Liam finally found themselves sucked into the house and techno movement after a visit to the magical, mystical White Island, Ibiza. A place where positive energy emanates from the ground upwards, where inspiration is rife and countless lives have been changed forever by the overwhelming power of dance music. Upon their return to the UK they scrapped whatever else was happening in their lives, coverted their living room into a makeshift studio and began to put all their time and energy into achieving their dream of being a part of the world of house and techno.

Drawing on influences such as Marco Carola, Apollonia, D’Julz and Yousef the brothers placed their focus on a distinctly funky, groove-driven form of electronic music that combines elementsof both house and techno. Of course, mere mixing alone is not enough to carry any DJ to the top in this day and age, which is where The Willers Brothers‘ personality comes into play.

Not afraid to go for it just as much as the dancefloor faithful when they’re behind the decks, you can expect an energetic, entertaining performance each and every time. Add in their intuitive selection, ability to engage with their audience throughout their dynamic sets and you’ve got a winning formula!

They now hold a long-standing residency at the infamous Egg London, where they have played alongside an almost endless list of the electronic music world’s most famous names. Outside of their impressive residency they’ve clocked up appearances at clubs such as Fire, The Coronet, The Warehouse, Rhythm Factory and further afield in Italy, Romania, Austria, Malta and the Czech Republic.

Parallel to their swift progression as DJs, Sean and Liam have been immersing themselves in the production side of things. Again, their musical genes have helped them to evolve swiftly, signing several releases in the space of a year. Labels such as Yuma, Quanticman, UltraDrum and Entail Records have snapped up their brand of deep, funky tech house and they continue to work away on new music with every spare second they have.



Hello guys! How Are You? What do you have scheduled for today?
Willers- Hey, we are really good thanks.The usual pre weekend plans getting ready for our gig at our home away from home EGG on Saturday at Egg Ldn then heading off to Berlin for a few days.

The Willers Brothers – a family biz, but How would you describe your relationship and how do you manage 2 individuals with having a mind of one´s own?
Willers- We siblings and best friends such a great experience to work closely alongside a family member doing something you love, we share a lot of the same interests but have different qualities. Liam has always been the one for networking and me (Sean) the business side of it, thats why it works so well.

Please tell us a bit about your latest and upcoming releases!
Well we have just had 2 tracks on a VA on Natura Viva, we have a 4 track ep on Yoruba grooves, a remix for Dj Dep on Carpe diem music and an EP on Beagle traxx as well dropping in the summer. We are also working on loads of new stuff and a few collabs.

Which release was the one who gave you the most attention so far?
We have been pretty quiet on the production scene but last year it had to be the remix we did called ‘Joint’ on High Pressure that got support from Beatport and also our release on Yuma ‘Any Worse’

How would you describe your sound?
We would class it as groovy deep house, we have certain artist and labels we follow and it comes through in our sound. We have worked really hard the past year or two in devising a sound that we love and enjoy playing.

As you are touring a lot lately, please tell us something about your experience across Europe. What is your favourite city or country and why?
Well we are based in London and have had a residency at Egg LDN for about 2 years which we rarely miss a weekend, the place is like our second home and is where we enjoy playing the most. Outside of London though our favourite gig was in Pisa, Italy 2013. The crowd was wild!

What was your funniest or craziest experience while touring?
There has been many memorable moments it would be hard to pin-point just one

What are your top 5 tracks that are really working the dance floor in your sets at the moment?

1. Diego Krause – Right About Now (Apollonia)

2. John Dimas – Get It (Claap)

3. DJebali – Sun Rise Way (Hreno & The Mole Rework) (Djebali Records)

4. Seth Troxler – Evangelion (Johnson & Siminski Remix) (Rumours)

5. Kody Monroe – Still Rolling (Juliche Hernandez Remix) (Beagle Traxx)

These are a few tracks that have been working for us at the moment and that we have really enjoyed playing.

Thank you for your time and this interesting interview!
Interview by Stefan

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Javier Carballo – Colores_Primarios
John Dimas – Get it
Chaton – Catch the beat (Agnes Remix)
Lost in time – Hold over me (Ralph Lawson DubA)
Wally Stryk – Encore Une Fois
Eigenwijs – Spiritual Thing (Diego Krause Remix)
Jose, John Dimas – Let it Go
Premiesku – Crazy District
Djohnny – About myself (Rhymes Remix)
Subb-an – Warp
Burnski – Time feat. Beckford
Loco Dice – Consequently Eccentric And Delicate