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Acoustic sounds, dancing music, smiling faces – describes in a few words Toni’s inspirations. Whether as DJ or producer, Toni is a major musician with heart and soul. Toni Haupt, founder of the creative collective „Telekollegen” toured through national and international renowned clubs and left everytime a lasting impression. Excitement and anticipation are still playing a crucial role for him. Every performance, every set, every production is unique and challenging at once.

My Favourite Freaks Interview
Please tell us something about your experience touring around the globe.  What is your favourite city or country and why?
My most favourite cities are Beirut and Rejkjavik. Two beautiful cities and countries that couldn’t be more different. I played at a club opening in Beirut for the first time last year, where I met new friends. The best thing about it is to see how music connects us beyond all borders. In Rejkjavik I played at Airwaves Festival which made me musically complete.

Tell us a bit about your upcoming releases! Is there anything special planned for 2016 ?  
My next release will again be released on our own label – TELEKOLLEGEN. The EP is more housy, techhousy. It has a good recall value and will certainly appear maybe first in the my favourite freaks promo pool. Hehehe Which release was the one who gave you the most attention so far ? In fact, „loosen“ was released first on our label and also on Acker Rec. It’s a cooperation with my singer Mila. I currently work with her on a new project, so stay tuned.

How would you describe your sound ?
That’s always a tough questions as I’m very versatile. I love producing listening tracks, but try to get more in a techhouse, house direction with Toni Haupt. It’s always important for me to transfer the emotions and so are my sets.

What was your funniest or craziest experience while touring?
I had the best experience during our Eastern Europe tour in Serbia, where we organised an open air event near the macedonian border somewhere on a street. It was such a good atmosphere and all the lovely people started to bring their home-brewed liquors and wanted to drink with us, until noone was able to even stand anymore. Hahaha

What were your TOP 5 gigs so far?
Berlin – Stattbad Wedding
Beirut – Stereo Kitchen
Wien – Tanz durch den Tag
Berlin – Telekollegen Open Air Secret Location
Hamburg – 3000grad Wanderzirkus

Thank you for your time and this interesting interview!
Interview by Stefan

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