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LABELS: Lapsus / Forrest Walker / Weplayminimal



As a Dj Pete plays all over Europe. From Berlin to Barcelona or Antwerp everywhere his sound delights and people celebrate it. His residency is at FABRIK, Bayreuth which is well known for it’s good bookings. He already shared the Decks with some of the biggest names in business like: André Galluzzi, Marc Romboy, Ruede Hagelstein, Luna City Express, SUPERNOVA, AKA AKA, Felix Kröcher, Chasing Kurt, Hanne & Lore, Sidney Charles, Super Flu and Channel X just to name a few.

His classic CD-Setup allows him to concentrate on clear mixing but especially track selection is always on his focus.

“The perfect track selection lets me reach my goal in seeing people on the dancefloor with a big fulfilled smile enjoying the music.“

He ranges between DeepHouse, House and Techhouse to fulfill his self-paced aspiration to always play the perfect sound for every single gig. His sound often comes down with a phat baseline and some catchy vocals which makes people get into party mood. So you hear tracks of HNNY, Ben Pearce, Detriot Swindel, Nice7 and Huxley over to Hector Cuto, Santé, Doorly and Loco Dice in his Sets.

His online mixtapes enjoys great popularity with round about 30.000 plays on Soundcloud. When he mixes it is always important for him to tell a story and take his listeners on a journey through the ups and downs of an arc of suspense ending with a happyend. Principally you will never witness Pete stumbling in a set with balls to the wall because he follows a citation of Butch: „You can’t go to a Girl and stick directly your D***k in her P****y. It’s the same with DJing you got to start slow!“

In 2010 Mr. Kaltenburg stated Music Production. It fastly raised to one of his biggest passions.. His Release on FOREST WALKER RECORDS „Lovin You“ EP made it in the TOP 10 Tech House Charts on Traxsource and was one of the best sold Tracks on Traxsource in 2015.

With his collab togehter with Stephan Licha called „Choose One“ he also hit the TOP 10 Tech House Charts on Traxsourche and made it up to #5. Follwed by „Dance Musi“ wich made it up to TOP 20. Both tracks were released on LAPSUS Music.

The Collab with Julian Wasserman „Sweet HARD“ on Dear Deer made it in the TOP 20 Nu Disoc / Indie Dance Charts on Beatport. It also was played in Pete Tong‘s Radio Show on BBC Radio 1. In 2015 there will be a Remix EP of it with interpretations by Teenage Mutants and Channel X.

At the moment he is doing some Remix for the legendary Brett Johnson and is working on a EP with his mentor for My Favorite Freaks, his debut EP on LAPSUS Music will be released on 6th of May. And a lot of other stuff is going on right now in his studio so be prepared for the next big steps of Mr. Kaltenburg in 2016!

Pete‘s productions get some propper support from artists like: Seth Troxler, Steve Lawler, Paco Osuna, Tocadisco, RIVA STARR, Gene Farris, Amine Edge & DANCE, Brett Johnson, Edu Imbernon, Animal Trainer, Ray Okpara, SUPERNOVA, Vanilla Ace , Acid Pauli, Daniel Bortz, Richy Ahmed, Sam Divine and many more…


Hey mate! How Are You? What do you have scheduled for today?
Playing at Marburg, Germany tonight with and Steffen Kopp.
Gonna be wicked and wild! Have always so much fun with that guys.

Please tell us a bit about your latest releases!
My latest release was on Weplayminimal with my Buddy Nino Langguth.
It comes down with some heavy Remixes by Ansgar Scheffold, Jules Heffner and Nico Push.
All of them are some Weapons on the Dancefloor. There was some great support form names like
DJ Sam Divine, Oscar L, Vanilla Ace, WOLLION, Sebo & Madmotormiquel, Piemont, Miguel Puente, Rober Owens, Matchy & Bott, and many more..

Tell us a bit about your upcoming releases! Is there anything special planned?
At the Moment I’m a lot in my new Studio and working on new Tracks.
There will be a release on Supernova’s label LAPSUS MUSIC on the 6th of May.
There is only one Solotrack on it. The other three tracks are collabs with my good friends, Ansgar Scheffold and Stephan Licha.

And there will be also a release on your Label together with labelowner
Be prepared! It smashes every dancefloor where I played it so far!!

What was your funniest or craziest experience while touring?
Too much crazy things happening all the time while touring and playing in Clubs and at Openairs.
But perhaps one day I decide to write a book about it. I will let you know! 😉

What were your TOP 5 gigs so far?
I’m not the Type of making Charts of everything in live.
Every Gig I play got its own vibe and groove. A here and now I’m sharing with the people on the dancefloor with the goal to celebrate dancemusic and having a great time together.

What are your top 5 tracks that are really working the dance floor in your sets at the moment?
Bollen & Fichtner feat. Forrest – Bigfellas
Roberto Palmero – Duet (Alvaro Smart Remix)
Mihalis Safras – Hybrid
Italo Brothers – Bounce To Bounce
Di Chiara Brothers & Raffa FL- Reality

Thank you for your time and this interesting interview!
Interview by Lars

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Ant La Rock – Universal
Mood II Swing – Do It Your Way
Timid Boy – Italia
Sergio Sergi, Sante Sansone – What Is This
Dario D’Attis & Yvan Genkins – Afro Call
Alvaro Smart – Nixon (Deepshakerz Rework)
Ramon Tapia – Pom Granade (Rick Wakley Remix)
The Noise – Supernova (Housemix)
Danny Serano, Julian Aribas – Freaks (Alvaro Smart Remix)
Mihalis Safras – Hybrid
Pete Kaltenburg & – He Screamed
Roberto Palmero – Duet (Alvaro Smart Remix)
Bollen & Fichtner ft. Forrest – Bigfellas
Di Chiara Brothers & Raffa FL – Say What
Eats Everything – Big Discs
Pete Kaltenburg – Get Out My Phase