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Chris started DJing for himself at a local discotheque in Germany back in 1997-
heavily influenced by the so-called „Sound of Frankfurt“ in all of its facets.
Soon enough hooked by the more „pure“ and „techy“ approach to dance music, 
CK discovered DJs and producers like Chris Liebing, Johannes Heil, Anthony Rother from Germany or Adam Beyer from Sweden, alongside the likes of Speedy J. and Umek among countless others- in what was „…really an eye opener“, as he recalls.

After years of honing his craft, Chris is a versatile DJ nowadays who can push music across the board keeping it fun, versatile, groovy and gritty throughout.
This can be varied from chunky jacking house right through the numerous forms and shapes techno makes from minimal to tribal, from slow to beefy material and from overwhelmingly melodic tunes to the classic House that Jack once built-
18 years of experience do truly make their influence felt behind the decks, playing live to audiences ranging from 50 up to 4000 people in a club environment.

Furthermore, Chris can be heard live on air multiple times a week on various web radio stations emanating from Germany and the UK, not only showcasing his top tunes and turn-ons of the week but also playing host to guest DJs and befriended labels from all over the globe.
Internationally wellknown talent is standing there shoulder to shoulder with local german talent that deserves to be shining in a more prominent spot.
After years of gaining experience, Chris has finally entered the world of music production and it is easy to assume that there will be quite a few surprises unleashed in the next months to come after the initial single release called “Rubberband” – collaborating with his partner Adam Schock not only in the studio, but also supervising and further evolving their own label „Tanz-Kultur Audio“ with an array of local and international artists-
and the results are promising throughout with international support being given.
Watch out…



Hello mate! How Are You? What do you have scheduled for today?
Hello sir, pleasure to talk to you! I’m fine, thanks. Nothing too fancy scheduled in regards to music this week, as I am preparing for my impending house move which will take place in the next few weeks- so I am taking a little break from the touring schedule and am busy packing my stuff. There’s always lots of work to do behind the scenes with the next upcoming releases on our label though, plus the “regular” DJ stuff- listening to promos, sorting tracks for the radio shows and so on… I’m sure you know the routine even on weekends when there’s no big gigs coming up!

Please tell us a bit about your latest and upcoming releases!
My latest release has yet been my only release so far, as my focus has been primarily on my weekly radio shows and my live gigs instead of putting the time and effort into the studio; however, there’s a few things in the pipeline that will hopefully turn some heads once they will be unleashed. Once I have arrived in my new crib, its gonna be time to hit the studio again and see what happens when the creative juices flow! Also, summer is coming and with it the festival season… a couple of sweet gigs are already confirmed, so I’m really looking forward to the next few months

Which release was the one that gave you the most attention so far?
Obviously the aforementioned single called “Rubberband” in collaboration with Adam Schock – that track even received airplay in the legendary “Clubnight” radio show which was a dream coming true. I will forever be thankful for that- very few things can beat the feeling of hearing your very first track being played in THE radioshow for electronic music in Germany that you have listened to for almost 20 years (I would end up playing there myself shortly afterwards, but that’s a topic for another day). Absolutely stunning.

How would you describe your sound?
My sound is pretty diverse- I grew up at a time when there wasn’t hundreds of names and styles and subgenres, but instead pretty much two words that described everything- and those words were Techno and House. So, my personal taste is a bit all over the place and this mix certainly reflects that- I like my melodies, I like powerful basslines, I like intricately detailed grooves and minimalistic soundscapes, I like vocals, I like Acid, I like Breakbeats…. and I will always love relentless, balls to the wall Techno…
So, a little bit of everything can be found at different times in my sets.
I am fortunate enough to be in a position where artists send me their tracks and where I can try their stuff out in my radio shows, which has proven to be a very colourful mixture and a successful formula- you never know what you`re gonna get! The radio shows in particular have also helped me tremendously to evolve my taste and discover new things- various close friends and fellow DJs from the UK have influenced me probably more than I can give them credit for, because they showed me music in their sets that I would have not been aware of otherwise and that I simply fell in love with.
For the most part, I think I play so-called “Techhouse” in various shapes and forms- but the energy level can certainly be adjusted and either toned down or cranked up, according to the needs of the crowd and the general vibe.

What was your funniest or craziest experience while touring?

Where do I begin …
How about replacing a broken mixer- no sound!- during the peak time of the night in front of 1000 clubbers?
How about driving home from a gig, still hundreds of miles away from home and suddenly having the steering wheel falling off into your lap?
How about local authorities telling you that an absolutely insane party had to end in ten minutes, while the headliner was still playing- with 800 people going fucking crazy in front of you- and your poor drunken self would have to be the guy to announce it because you are the only one capable of operating the microphone?

But absolutely nothing beats the story of my birthday bash until 9am in the morning- I returned to pick up my car in the evening, and 30 minutes later the entire building fell victim to a gas explosion. That elevated the party from “unforgettable” to “legendary”- needless to say, it was the last party ever in that venue. We would have all been dead, would it have happened 10 hours earlier.

So many stories, so little time.

What were your TOP 5 gigs so far?
Its hard to rate DJ gigs in any sort of measurable criteria- so Im gonna choose a few memorable ones/ the most personally satisfying ones (in no particular order):

*The aforementioned birthday bash in january 2010- “Celebration Generation”. One of the best parties that I ever experienced on its own merit already, but then the building exploded afterwards- certainly a night to remember. Even though I don’t remember everything.

*My first gig at (now defunct) club U60311/ Frankfurt. For years one of the most infamous Techno clubs in Germany- I went there clubbing for a decade before I finally got to play there. Goosebumps moment. Also, the third time I played there- my playtime was extended from one hour to 2.5 hours. Sunday morning 10:30, the club was still packed and everybody jumping. Amazing.

*London/Shoreditch, July 2011- playing a prime time set b2b with one of my absolute favourite DJs, Eric Lee from Glasgow- amazing experience and awesome response from the crowd.

*“Clubnight” studios, Frankfurt/ Germany, October 2012- my chance to play in the longest running radio show for electronic music in Germany. A dream coming true, surrounded by a lot of my closest friends and still feeling surreal to me- I can’t watch the video without getting Goosebumps.

*Summer 2001, the very first party where I played cool, underground club music to a live audience after years of treading water in a commercial venue as a bigroom DJ-
people didn’t take me seriously before, but came up to me afterwards and congratulated me as they didn’t have a clue what this perceived “charts guy” was REALLY about- Well, they found out-
I will never forget that moment when I looked up from the turntables and saw 250 people in front of me, eyes closed, arms swaying left and right, water dripping down from the ceiling during Elektrochemie LKs remix of “Soul on Soul” from System F. Just a picture perfect moment that encapsulated EVERYTHING.

What are your top 5 tracks that are really working the dance floor in your sets at the moment?
stylistically diverse, as you would imagine:

Adam Schock & Artefice – Hypnotic Lobster/ Pauke Schaumburg remix (Tanz-Kultur Audio)
Dompe – Bubblegum Kush (Lazy Luna)
Bryan Kessler – Sell your Soul
Manic Street Preachers – Europa Geht Durch Mich (Erol Alkans Mesmerize Eins rework)
Josh Wink – Talking To You (Ovum)

Thank you for your time and this interesting interview!
Thank you for having me, the pleasure is all mine!

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MRDIE & Yo Montero – 7000M (Maksim Dark remix)
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Phable – Jaguar (Alexander Franz remix)
Maceo Plex – Conjure Sex
Guy J – Mikro
Gui Boratto – Atomic Soda
Kölsch – Papageno
Adam Schock & Artefice – Hypnotic Lobster (Pauke Schaumburg remix)