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Max Buchalik has grown to become a household name in the House and Techno scene. The 26 year old has dedicated himself to electronic music for over 9 years and thus it became the centre of his creative life. His sets and his authentic style make seeing him live more than just an experience. “Life without motion is as dull as dancing without music” has become his mantra and the young Frankfurt born loves to share this notion with his audience. His DJ set-up is a live organism that evolves with him and adjusts to his creativity. His common set-up contains miscellaneous analogue effect-pedals, a self programmed Midi step sequencer and two additional self programmed Midi controller, but he also likes to play a classic Timecode/Vinyl Set sometimes. Max is in the perfect spot to deliver his passion to his audience with his two event lines “Klangdynamik” and “Großstadtliebe Open Air” and he has become a strong pillar of the Frankfurt music scene. “Großstadtliebe Open Air”, one of the most popular summer open air events in the Rhein Main area, and “KLANGDYNAMIK”, the winter event line that showcases an innovative 3D visual concept with specially built DJ booth constructions. Both franchises are packed with renowned bookings and high quality music, leading to thousands of people sharing an unforgettable time.



Hey Max! How Are You? What do you have scheduled for today?
Hey guys, actually I’m sick and the doc told me to stay in bed for a couple of days but even so I will do a short interview for some freaks.

You are an event promoter and DJ. How about the producer side? Do you have any ambitions or already unreleased tracks in the pipeline?
Sure, there are ambitions for years. Two years ago, my studio near Frankfurt am Main was robbed and all my equipment was stolen. That was something I never expected, and a really hard experience for me. My insurance didn’t pay anything, so I had to reinvest a lot of money to replace all the equipment. In the end of 2014 I fully recovered from that shock and I started with some new projects and new inspirations in Berlin again. I think good music needs its time and I don’t want to rush or get urged by anyone. I’m working continuously and there are already a few unique tracks I hopefully will finish in a couple of months, so keep your ears open guys.

Tell us a bit about your upcoming months! Is there anything special planned for?
Yes, this month we will start with our new Großstadtliebe Takeover events and the first one takes place in my lovely hometown Frankfurt am Main, for sure. Together with our residents and changing guest acts, we will visit a number of different clubs in Germany. We have so many people, who travel from all over the country, to the Großstadtliebe Open Air’s, so we decided to return the favour and to pay them a visit in their hometown. Furthermore Sylvester is coming and we will do a collaboration event with the Großstadtliebe members and some good friends in Frankfurt am Main. This event takes place in the well-known MTW Club, which is getting reconstructed at the moment. The club will get a new sound system, the DJ booth will switch to the window front (like at Robert Johnson) and the club is getting a nice wooden floor. I’m sure the people will be amazed.

You moved from Frankfurt to Berlin. Do you see any differences between the club culture?
In my opionion every city has his own club cluture, one is smaller, another one is bigger and there are also many differences between them. I think the four largest differences between the Frankfurt an the Berlin cluture are: The amount of tourists (who often got a very simple understatment of electronic music), the amount of clubs and parties (not every big city automaticly has more clubs then a small one), the amount of different artists from all over the world (with variable talent) and last but not least, the quality (not the kind) of all the different art like music for example. I’m living in Berlin since nearly a year and I am really concerned with the Berlin Club culture, now. There are a lot of things, which make this culture here so magical. I guess every person, who lived in Berlin for a some time, is able to relate to this. For me there is no bad or good club culture, they are all different and special in their way, that’s it. Everybody is free and can choose on it’s own, which culture he want’s to deal with or not. I personaly really like the Berlin undergound Techno szene, but I never would condemn any person who likes the commercial one more.

What was your funniest or craziest experience while touring?
Let me guess… Maybe the freaky gig, two years ago. I played my whole set in shorts because the girls and boys in front of me did it the same way. Did I mentioned, that I love my hometown, so far?

What were your TOP 5 gigs so far?
For sure the two best gigs I always had were the one’s at my own events, the Klangdynamik and Großstadtliebe Open Air. You’re always in a special mood, maybe this is related to our great party people, who are faithful to us since the beginning. The gigs always feel familiar. Another exciting gig was the one at Golden Gate, a famous Afterhour Club in Berlin. I played a really long set, the sweat dripped down the ceiling (for real!) and it felt like the party would never stop – in a good way – but I think that goes without saying. But also the festival season was great this summer and we had a lot of fun at the Stadt, Land, Bass or the Le Bonheur festivals.

What are your top 5 tracks that are really working the dance floor in your sets at the moment?
Savas Pascalidis // Nightshades
Markus Suckut // District
Gary Beck // Wren
Daniel Stefanik // I Wonder
Joao Ceser // 5th Dimension

Thank you for your time and this interesting interview!
Interview by Pierre

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