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Marcel Fenkart and Marco Glabonjat alias “Der Effekt“ are not unknown in the music-scene of the Rhine Valley in Austria.

A turn of their career happened in the year 2000 and since then they have become popular among their fans. Today they are known for their first class electronic music. But you cannot categorize “Der Effekt“ accurately. Marcel andMarco call their style simply “experimental electronic club music“ with a groovy appressiveness.

In the year 2006 the two musicians decided, to produce their own tracks with the Frankfurter creative producer Thomas Pogadl and Andreas Krämer. Marcel and Marco used their old DJ name “Maxxis and Overdose“. In the following two years some tracks were made by this cooperation; They were published under several labels and compilations like Drizzly Rec. X-Plosive hard Techno.

After a light alteration of the scene in the field of “Electronic Beats“, the track “Help You“ brought some success. The publication of “Help You“ as a Compilation hymn of “Meet me at the Love Parade 08“ was the first release and appearance of “Der Effekt“.
In 2009 the two musicians began to produce their own tracks of the new chartered label “Effekt Records“. In the two years bygone, there were some releases of Effekt Records from international performers like Mangelt, Mike Wall, Pitt Larsen, Andrea Giuliani, Luca Rosetti and much more.

So far they could play at famous clubs & events in Austria, Germany and Switzerland as for example Douala (D), Artheater (D), Odonien (D), Dome (D), Pratersauna (A),
Conrad Sohm (A), Streetparade (CH), Amnesia Clubtour and many more.
They do also played together with famous acts like Chris Liebling, Monika Kruse, Karotte, Super Flu, Dominik Eulberg, Ida Engberg and further more.

Since 2010 they produce own tracks in their studio.
the tracks were published so far by their own Label Effekt Records and also others as Circle Music, Impulse Music, Not for us Records, Budenzauber and HiFi stories.

Following Projects, Productions, Remixes etc. are planned for next time!

My Favourite Freaks Interview

Hey guys! How Are You? What do you have scheduled for today?
Hey freaks , we are perfect . We are working on a few tracks this month and we want to finish them soon as possible.

Please tell us a bit about your latest releases!
Our latest release is the track called „Solo Man“ on the 10 years Circle Music compilation…so we are really proud about this one. The vibes are little bit different from other works that we have produced in the past. In the beginning of this year we had also a release on Circle Music called „Reloaded“. This track was a coop. wiht a great voice from Mehrklang and was published on the Circle Music ADE Sampler

Does your Pseudonym “Der Effekt” have a deeper meaning?
Our project name Der Effekt based on a simple idea. We like to use many effekts in our setups so we decide to call us Der Effekt.

Tell us a bit about your upcoming releases! Is there anything special planned?
Actually we are working on many new projects.

What was your funniest or craziest experience while touring?
A few years ago we played in cologne, the club was full and we had some drinks, after the party we were totally drunken. So we took a taxi back to the hotel and as we like to enter our room, no one of us recollect the numerical code. We tried it many times to enter te right code and at the end a other Hotel guest give us assistances and pushed the # at the end of the code.

What were your TOP 5 gigs so far?
Odonien – Cologne
Artheater – Cologne
Pratersauna – Vienna
Conrad Sohm – Dornbirn (Austria)
Douala – Ravensburg

What are your top 5 tracks that are really working the dance floor in your sets at the moment?
Christian Nielsen – Do You Mind
Kink – Cloud Generator
Olivier Giacomotto – Bipolar Star
Pele, Shawnecy – Better For My Brain
Kiko – Grenoble

Thank you for your time and this interesting interview!
Interview by M.in

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Benotmane – Beyond (Karmon Remix) (Still Vor Talent)
Wally Lopez – Summertime Grooves (The Factoria)
Coyu – Desire Feat. Daniel Wilde (Olivier Giacomotto Remix) (Suara)
Kiko & Olivier Giacomotto – Reckless (Noir)
Olivier Giacomotto – Bipolar Star (Noir)
Der Effekt feat. Mehrklang – Solo Man (Circle Music)
Kiko – Grenoble (Noir)
Dj Tonio – Bigger Than Yours (Olivier Giacomotto Remix) (Suara)
Paul C & Paolo Martini – 1987 (Terminal M)
Wehbba & Antonio Eudi – The Real Thing (Toolroom)