LABELS: Panterre Musique, Bedrock Records, Kidazz Fm, Deeperfect




When the scene talks about deep techhouse sound you can often hear the name of Florian Kaltstrøm. In the meantime he experimented with the Rock Genre as Singer in a band. As you can imagine, he has a good understanding for the technical side(Bachelor in soundingeneer,SAE), as also for the artistic side. He is well known for his deep-percussive but clear sound, which brings the mass to the dancefloors. In tracks like „Behind the mirror“ (Bedrock),“Redention“ (Sonique Rec.) „Stranger/Glassophone“ (Deeperfect), „Arritmia“ (Kiddaz.fm), „True mirrors“ (Mistakes), „Shinai“ (Panterre Musique) and „Memories of a Child feat. Rainer Weichhold“ (K:lender) or „Comfort me feat. M.in and Benito Rabbit“ (Yellow tail), (with Miguel Bastida), you can hear that he fulfills himself with the music. Florian Kaltstrøm is also a great live actor, same if he plays alone or combined with other DJs. Since a couple of years, Florian Kaltstrøm works as a DJ/Producer, and played in locations like: Pratersauna/Grelle Forelle/Kantine/Flex (Vienna-AT), Club Shanghai (Essen-DE), Sonic Club (Budapest-HU), Lasershow-Hall (Brünn-CZ),Katerholzig (Berlin-DE),La Terrazza (Barcelona-ESP) and on Parties, like Vienna Fashionweek, Off Sonar Barcelona, The Wood (Brussels), The Room, Hypercube Dance Festival (Brünn-CZ), Plemplem (Vienna-AT), Beatpatrol Festival Preparty, Loveparade (Vienna-AT), Feever and Lovebomb.



Hello Florian! How Are You? What do you have scheduled for today?
Hi, actually i m fine so far,today is oct 30th and today i ll be playing a sci+tec showcase together with dubfire.

Please tell us a bit about your latest releases!
My latest release was a remix for a young producer named raul facio at myself music from spain.
raul is a very talented producer from mexico and i like his style a lot, so i agreed for the remix.

You have a regular daily job, you are producer and DJ. How do you manage this schedule?
well,thats a pretty good question and i m not really sure how i handle it because its really hard sometimes. especially during the week because sometimes you have shows on a tuesday or thursday for example. to get up the next day and go to work can be really horrible,even if you had no drinks at all during the night. producing is another thing. i don’t bring myself under pressure,i m only producing when there appears an good idea. if there is an idea born,i finish that track on the same day.

Tell us a bit about your upcoming releases! Is there anything special planned?
actually i m planning my own label together with my friend matt mor. we are planning a techno label,straight techno to be clear. matt and i made the same progress and we decided to start our own thing where we can define ourselves. it will be called winkel which is the german word for angle.

What was your funniest or craziest experience while touring?
the funniest and craziest experience so far was last year when i played at the off sonar week in barcelona. it was a showcase for be one records from my friend miguel bastida. it was in a club called la bake and we couldn’t find it that easy because the club had a kind of fake adress to keep the police away. when we finally got there,miguel was already waiting outside and i said „looks like the party isn’t running that good“ because i couldn’t see anyone around that location which didn’t look like a club at all. it looked more like a warehouse,what i really love because it reminds me to the late nineties. but yeah, we went in there and i looked amazing but i was still wondering where the floor is at. we walked up (yes up,not down) to another floor and what i saw was crazy! it was totally packed floor with i don’t know,800 or more people at 6 am and the crowd was giving me goosepumps, i ve never ever experienced such a good crowd before. they where cheering at every track,they brought me drinks a lighting me up cigarettes,it was really awesome! i totally love spain.

What were your TOP 5 gigs so far?
be one showcase at off sonar in barcelona
wechselstrom at grelle forelle with alan fitzpatrick
Meuterei with dubfire
katerholzig with my friends from smash tv
contraire with len faki at pratersauna

What are your top 5 tracks that are really working the dance floor in your sets at the moment?
Jesse Jakobs – Jaak
Andre Kronert – Trip
Uncut – B1
Rod – Distance
Antonio de Angelis – Unlocking

Thank you for your time and this interesting interview!
Interview by M.in

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Andre Kronert – 1000 Exuspective ( Stockholm LDT)
Andre Kronert – Trip ( Stockholm LTD)
Jesse Jakobs – Jaak ( Stockholm LTD)
Maan – L1 (Rod Remix) (Non Records)
Andre Kronert – Into the Zone ( Stockholm LTD)
Uncut – B1 ( Limited G.)
Re:axis – Mad Sience ( Monocline Records)
Piotr J., Dubiosity – The Fixer ( Translucent )
Rod – Distsance ( Klockworks)
Chris Liebing, Pfirter – 420 ( Mindtrip)
Par Grindvik – The Lead ( Stockholm LTD)
Peder Mannerfeld – Chorded ( Stockholm LTD)