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LABELS: Goodlivin / Uebel&Gefährlich



Growing up at the Baltic sea, the grandfather and with him Jazz were the first contact with music.

With eleven years, a turntable was bought and the vinyl collection startet growing.
Developing in age meant developing in music and so there came Hip Hop up, later Punk and Hardcore. Working in a Second-Hand Vinyl-Shop were no the best decision to keep the amount of Vinyl small. Someday there came the offer to play support and concerts, this was the moment he first became a “DJ”. Development in styles kept on and ended in Techhouse and Techno some years ago. Moving to hamburg for university and work gave a great chance to play in different clubs, in the first time in the great location Baalsaal.

In the last years he was involved in different events, clubs or festivals same as event-series, most loved the Schwärmertanz Open Airs. Since 2013 he became endorsed by Allen&Heath because he is and loves to be a tech-nerd for DJ-Equipment.

Today, he is one of the residents of the well know club Uebel&Gefährlich and open minded for everything, which seems to be fun.



Hello Bolle! How Are You? What do you have scheduled for today?
Hey, i´m fine, still in recovey-mode from the weekend. So plans for today: Work and looking forward to the evening.

Does your Pseudonym “Paul´s Büro” have a deeper meaning?
To be true: No. I was reading on a early monday morning news on a beamer in a metro station, surely not very focused and i read something about Paul´s Büro in an article about finance. That was strange, but before i could read again, the article disappeared for the next one. So, Paul´s Büro kept in my mind and when it was time to find an act-name, it won against many other names, which all sounded so synthetic. That´s the whole story.

You are an event promoter and DJ. How about the producer side? Do you have any ambitions or already unreleased tracks in the pipeline?
Yes, i have and had in the last year. But more than rough versions aren´t done. It´s hard to be so busy on one hand and to find time to be relaxed in the studio for hours or days and to be focused but free minded to produce on the other hand. At least, i have a“normal”job, working in the distribution for for example UDG oder Pioneer DJ and many more, besides that, i´m the managing editor for the DJ Section for the biggest german online-magazine for music-tech. So, it´s very hard to find time for all of this, moreover to produce.

Tell us a bit about your upcoming months! Is there anything special planned for?
In the moment i´m enjoying the festival-summer in different cities and different festivals. This will go on till end of august i think. After this time, i will hopefully enjoy three weeks of free time in Portugal. After this it will go on with playing gigs and keep on working, so, business as usual.

As you are touring a lot, please tell us something about your experience. What is your favourite city or country and why?
That´s not that easy. I really like to be in berlin, to play gigs and to visit friends, that´s always a little bit like holiday. But, i really like to be based in Hamburg and having a residency in a club i really feel familiar with, the Uebel&Gefährlich.
Something special? I´ve been to Istanbul this year for some days, playing two gigs in the Kloster with the boys and girls from Aroma Music and the Ritter Butzke Crew, same as for 3 three days being a tourist. This city is amazing and i´m really looking forward to be there again, hopefully for more days.

What was your funniest or craziest experience while touring?
Oh, I really love to be on the road with Fabian Reichelt & Raycoux Jr, or short Faray, two boys of my booking agency. Whatever will happen, it will be fun. Exactly now, we´re having three weekends together on three Festivals and it will end as always: Great Sets and a lot of nonsense. So, everytime you´re surround by great people, you can have a great time everywhere.

What were your TOP 5 gigs so far?
in no particular order:

Baalsaal, Hamburg, together with one half of Schaefer&Søn for a ten hours b2b-Set, enjoying a great vibe through the whole night (normally I prefer to play solo).
Kloster, Istanbul, closing the main-floor in the early morning became a little bit escalation.
Uebel&Gefährlich, Hamburg, after Adam Port just a few days ago. There came up a wall of energy that kept on ´till I was ordered to stop playing.
Feel Festival 2015 – because of a little bit orga-chaos I wasn´t really motivated to play, but it became a great night
Salon zur wilden Renate, Berlin in a night, in which the fogger went out of control and kept on producing fog. Playing totally blind was a lesson.

What are your top 5 tracks that are really working the dance floor in your sets at the moment?
Murat Uncouglo & Alican – Unpret
David Berrie – Underslang
Solee – Zebra
Daniel Stefanik – Rush
Who Made Who / Santé – Ember (Santé Remix)

Thank you for your time and this interesting interview!
Interview by Stefan

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