MFF Music 037 – Peter Pizzutelli – „Jeff’s Track EP“
1. Peter Pizzutelli – Spectra
2. Peter Pizzutelli – Jeff’s Track
3. Peter Pizzutelli – Noah’s Jam

Release Date: 27.04.2018 Beatport Exclusive
Full Release: 11.05.2018
Format: digital

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Sunny boy Peter Pizzutelli from Cali(fornia) delivered us three techhouse bombs with freaky grooves.

“Spectra” is a playful groover which will shake your booty to the floor.

“Jeff’s Track” is freaky as we like it. A weird synth combinate with some short female vocals al-ways works good but this one steps out of the line. Not typical but very useful to make the floor burn.

“Noah’s Jam” isn’t different to the other tracks but it comes with a more loose groove and a very housy chord. Some freaky lazer shots will keep you on the floor and you can’t stop dancing for sure.