MFF Music 036 – Odd People – „Inside Of This EP“
1. Odd People – Inside Of This
2. Odd People – Pray
3. Odd People – Feel Me

Release Date: 20.04.2018 Beatport Exclusive
Full Release: 04.05.2018
Format: digital

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Odd People celebrate their debut on My Favorite Freaks with a first class „warehouse techno“ EP.

“Inside Of This” is a raw techno track with a squirrely synth and a classy female vocal. The synth will drill into your brain and the female vocal will guide you on a journey through your brain.

“Pray” takes you to a warehouse in the near of a dark forest to kidnap you into a world of dark raves. The only thing you can do is to pray that you will have a lot of fun on the dance floor. But you will!

“Feel Me” comes with a 303 acid line and take you to an experimental trip. Just feel yourself free and enjoy your trip.