MFF MUSIC 022 – Alexander Aurel – “Your Shhh EP“
1. Alexander Aurel – Your Shhh
2. Alexander Aurel – Reach Out
3. Alexander Aurel – Le Sume

Release Date: 04.08.2017
Format: digital

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We are very proud to present Alexander Aurel his debut release on My Favourite Freaks Music.
The title track „Your Shhh“ wins over his conga groove and relaxed bassline, which let the track simply roll. The perfect placed synth is heating up the track to a true “Floor Burner”.
„Reach Out“ is even more driven and a dancefloor bomb. Through it’s 909 and acid charm, the track reminds on the late 90s without losing itself in the past. Pure Acid House enjoyment.
With „Le Sume“ Alexander is rounding up his amazing EP and delivers a typical Alexander Aurel track, which reminds on his current release on 8bit. Fleet-footed „Le Sume“ is swinging on top and let you get lost in music. The perfect track for after hours.