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Sara Simonit was born and raised in small city outside Venice, Italy. She has lived everywhere from Dubai, Milan to London and has been playing techno since her late teens. In the last couple of years she has grown from a local DJ playing regularly at Egg, London, to a rising star playing all over the world from Asia, North America and Europe. Her sets are full of euphoric energy and her music is played by everyone from Carl Cox, Pan-Pot to Sasha, and Jamie Jones. She also has releases on Christian Smith’s iconic Tronic label, and has an upcoming residency in Ibiza at Eden this summer. Sara Simonit is on fire, and the best is yet to come!



Hello!  How Are You? What do you have scheduled for today?
Hello Lars im good thanks, today I have lots of music to listen for a new podcast and the new upcoming gigs

Please tell us a bit about your latest releases!
Latest release is been on Transmit label , ep called “Womp” I guess this is one of my favorite tracks very solid sound , cool combination of driving grooves and melodies , supported from many big djs.

Also in the same ep you can find “Unholy” another good track that is been included in “Resistance”  summer selection on spotify playist


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Which release was the one who gave you the most attention so far?
So far I had very good feedback on “Space Division” from the Tronic ep “Magia” out in February ’19. Many djs played the track never the less Pan Pot used it on their Time Warp set this year.


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Tell us a bit about your upcoming releases! Is there anything special planned?
The next release will be on Tronic in August , four tracks , different between them so they can be used in different  set timings. My favorite one is called “Evolution” is very driving and im sure will be a big success .. as usual finger crossed.

As you are touring a lot, please tell us something about your experience. What is your favourite city or country and why?
I really like to play in Germany, people are very responsive and focus on the music, they come in the club for have fun and not to be seen, is sad to see people on the dancefloor focus on their phone in stead of dancing… the no camera policy I think is a very good idea.

What were your TOP 5 gigs so far?
So far I can say my best gigs were in London and Germany. I would really like to play in my home country (Italy) one day

What are your top 5 tracks that are really working the dance floor in your sets at the moment?
Im using a lot the tracks from my first ep with Tronic “Magia” (Space division and Magia)  and also from Transmit  other two of my tracks (About to Try and Womp) as well im a huge fan of Setoac Mass, Umek and Alan Fitzpatrick so I play a lot of their tracks also

Thank you for your time and this interesting interview!
Interview by Lars

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Eleven eleven (polymod remix) – Alan Fitzpatrick
Misfit – Vinicius Honorio
Away with you – Mattia Saviolo
Space division – Sara Simonit
Punk (Mark Broom remix) – Schmutz
Witch dance – Hush & Sleep
Medusa – Sara Simonit
Live sugar – Industrialyzer
Activated – Rudosa
About to try – Sara Simonit
Enfant terrible (Pan-Pot remix)
Jaguar – Dj Rolando (Sara Simonit bootleg)