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After beginning life as an experimental side-project for members Paul Maddox and Rich Wakley, Spektre find themselves over a decade later as established and respected features of the Techno landscape.

As a production outfit, they have recently released on such imprints as Drumcode, Elevate, Filth on Acid and Unrilis (as well as their own Respekt Recordings) to the acclaim of their peers, with the likes of Adam Beyer, Carl Cox and Alan Fitzpatrick among their plaudits. In 2018, they have had a near-permanent presence at the top of the Techno download charts as one of Kraftek’s core artists, with “Another Life” and their remix of “Mystery Land” both hitting Beatport’s top 3. Label boss Pleasurekraft says: „In the techno musical ocean of similar sounding mediocrity, Spektre are a shining beacon of originality; transcending hype and gimmicks, they are the real deal. Period.“
As performers, Spektre’s unique sound has taken them to some of the biggest and most highly regarded venues worldwide, with frequent bookings by the likes of Space Ibiza, Exit Festival, Pacha Buenos Aires and Burning Man. On stage, their long-standing chemistry and constant desire to experiment always results in an exciting spectacle. Their live exploits are also documented alongside guest slots from esteemed cohorts in their regular Mutual Respekt Podcast.



Hello mate! How Are You? What do you have scheduled for today?
PM: All good here! We’re just in the studio working on some new bits as usual. We’re deep into an interesting collaboration with an artist we haven’t worked with before today.
RW: Yeah we spend 2-3 days a week together in the studio in Sheffield. We always try to be in the studio together when working on Spektre projects. Only occasionally will we start ideas separately or sometimes whilst travelling. We’ve always found two heads better than one in the studio so We prefer to work like this. Other than music we also get our podcasts done, listen to label demos and fill in visa forms, which is todays distraction!

Please tell us a bit about your latest releases!
PM: The last 12 months has been a busy period for us, with 3 really huge releases: Another Life (Kraftek), Carnival of Souls (Respekt), and our remix of the classic “Mystery Land” by Y-Traxx (Kraftek).
RW: That’s right we are really happy with the momentum of our latest stuff. Reaching number 3 in the charts with our last two releases has been a proud moment. Our next release is the ‘Eye of the Swarm’ EP on Filth On Acid released on 21st September. Fingers crossed we can keep our good run going!

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Which release was the one that gave you the most attention so far?
PM: Probably “Another Life” earlier this year – it was definitely our biggest release for a while, and still get’s a stellar reaction when we play it out.
RW: Our Drumcode A-Sides release was also another game changer for us. Super proud to join the Drumcode family. Something we have been working towards for many years. Hopefully our relationship will continue to grow and we can follow up ‘Nasqueron’ with a full EP release.

Tell us a bit about your upcoming releases! Is there anything special planned?
PM: Lots! We have another 2-tracker on Kraftek lined up for November, and before that a track called “Without Warning” on Voltage Records, with a nasty remix from Thomas Schumacher.
RW: We also have some special remix and collaboration work coming with Pleasurekraft on Kraftek next year, which we can’t really mention too much about at the moment. Rest assured there is plenty in the pipeline!

As you are touring a lot, please tell us something about your experience. What is your favourite city or country and why?
RW: I would say Colombia or Argentina. We’ve had some awesome shows in both Cities and it was amazing to actually stay and play the tourist. I highly recommend the graffiti tour of the City. Such a great way to get a cultural, historical and political perspective of the area. Put it on your list!
PM: Probably Mexico or Guatemala – The atmosphere when we’ve toured there has always been ridiculously good, as well as always being treated to an amazing welcome.

What were your TOP 5 gigs so far?
1. Space, Ibiza
2. Hyperspace, Budapest
3. Hardpop, Juarez
4. Kazantip Festival, Ukraine
5. Burning Man Festival, Nevada

What are your top 5 tracks that are really working the dance floor in your sets at the moment?
1. Trunkline – Oppression
2. Man With No Shadow – Manila (Drumcode)
3. Spektre – Retrograde (Kraftek)
4. Skober & Yan Oxygen – Lost In Dreams (Respekt)
5. Hush & Sleep – The Cure (Virgo)

Thank you for your time and this interesting interview!
Interview by Lars

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1. Spektre – Soul Movement (Filth On Acid)
2. Frankyeffe – Apocalypse (Kraftek)
3. Joyhauser – Super Pollen (Ellora)
4. Klangkuenstler – Cathedral Of Saw (Filth On Acid)
5. Timmo – Black Moon (Drumcode)
6. Weska – Other Places (Drumcode)
7. Danny Fontana – Techno Inside (Skober Remix) (Technologic)
8. Skober & Yan Oxygen – Lost In Dreams (Respekt)
9. Luca Agnelli – Shipment (Drumcode)
10. Spektre – Something Inside Us (Respekt)
11. Brennan Grey – H Is For Hercules (Kraftek)
12. Dandi & Ugo – Cali (M. Fukuda Remix) (Octopus)
13. Spektre – Rogue (Filth On Acid)
14. Man With No Shadow – Manila (Drumcode)
15. Spektre – Retrograde (Kraftek)
16. Spektre – Carnival Of Souls (Respekt)
17. Harvey McKay – Balter (WATB)
18. Marco Faraone – Arcane (Rekids)
19. Spektre – Without Warning (Thomas Schumacher Remix) (Voltage)
20. [ Wex 10 ] – JC2204 (Odd)
21. SHDW & Obscure Shape – Die Augen des Teufels (From Another Mind)
22. Spektre – Back Into Consciousness (Kraftek)
23. Gary Burrows – Something You Need (Respekt)
24. [ Wex 10 ] – Carolo (Jam)
25. Mikael Jonasson – Mosaic (Luca Agnelii Remix) (Suara)
26. Green Velvet & Coyu – Last Generation (Suara)
27. Spektre – Trebuchet (Unsigned)
28. Gary Burrows – Frequency (Layer 909)
29. Giacomo Renzi – Obsession (Jam)
30. Ryan McKay – Illusions (BEK Audio)
31. Harvey McKay – Rush (WATB)
32. Y-Traxx – Mystery Land (Spektre Remix) (Kraftek)
33. DJ Jock – Farewell (Respekt)