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Having established a firm reputation for creating standout productions Pleasurekraft’s musical evolution has moved towards a much tougher, atmospheric blend of melodic techno in recent years, comprised of big room drums, soaring breaks, and smart, unpredictable vocals. This self-dubbed ‚cosmic techno‘ sound has garnered support from a range of techno heavyweights, including Adam Beyer, Carl Cox, Nicole Moudaber and many more.
The debut album „Friends, Lovers, & Other Constellations“ was released on Feb 23, 2018 on Kraftek Music, featuring 11 originals predominantly showcasing this ‚cosmic techno‘ sound.
The mission statement for the album: to prove that there is more to dance music than just a 4/4 beat, cliche drug references, and party themed vocals. The tracks range from political themes like on „Corpse Reviver #1“ & „Gospel of Doubt“ featuring Casey Gerald, to cosmic exploration as on „Lagrange Point“ to more existential subject matter on records like „Interiors“ & „Last Transmission (From a Dying Constellation).“

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Recorded Live at the Mixmag LAB // Los Angeles on Jun 7. 2018

01 Slam – Eterna (Petrichor Remix) [Soma]
02 Pleasurekraft – Corpse Reviver Number 1 [Kraftek]
03 Dale Fairbairn – In Range [Unity]
04 Uto Karem – Living the Fight (G Flame Remix) [Agile]
05 Cirez D – On Top Baby [Mouseville]
06 Frankyeffe – Genesis [Kraftek] (Sep 14. 2018)
07 Spektre – Back into Consciousness [Kraftek] (Oct/Nov 2018)
08 Pleasurekraft – Main Sequence [Kraftek] (rel date tba)
09 Pleasurekraft – Primordial (draft version) [Kraftek] (rel date tba)
10 SAMA – The Beholder [Kraftek] (Jul 13. 2018)
11 Pleasurekraft – Interiors (SAMA Remix)[Kraftek]
12 Atroxx – 4Me [Kraftek]
13 Frankyeffe – Apocalypse [Kraftek] (Sept 14. 2018)
14 Spektre – Retrograde [Kraftek] (Oct/Nov 2018)
15 Spektre – Another Life [Kraftek]
16 Luca Agnelli – Forget It [Erturia Beat]
17 Y-Traxx – Mystery Land (Spektre Remix) [Kraftek] (Aug 10. 2018)
18 Rustek – Celestial [Kraftek]
19 Atroxx, Marck D – Adrift [Kraftek]
20 Oscar Escapa – Molecule [Kraftek] (Jul 13. 2018)
21 Pleasurekraft – Gospel of Doubt Pt 2 ft Casey Gerald (Spektre Remix)[Kraftek] (Oct/Nov 2018)
22 Joyhauser – Galaxy Phase [Kraftek] (Jul 13. 2018)