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LABELS: Tronic, Elevate, Filth On Acid, Octopus, Bedrock



Raw, melodic and energetic are terms that can be used to classify LAAT’s sound. His love for technology and music combined with the all engulfing vibrant underground nightlife of Amsterdam resulted into a unique musical cocktail delivering LAAT his own unique take on techno.

Signed to Tronic, Elevate and Filth On Acid, this upcoming Amsterdam based Dutch producer has already build up quite a back catalogue on techno’s most lauded labels. After years of developing his sound, his first release Broken Glass on Elevate gained massive support from techno heavy weights Pig & Dan and was selected to appear on legendary Ibiza club Space their last compilation. While slowly gaining more notoriety in the underground, the single “Les Mondes” on Christian Smith’s Tronic label really catapulted him into the limelight, with massive airplay from Pan-Pot on Awakenings Festival to Monika Kruse playing this haunting techno corker on the mainstage of the infamous Zurich Street- Parade.

With a strong back catalogue and a slew of unreleased gems, LAAT has been sculpting his sound into an all-encompassing live-set which has been road tested now for maximum efficiency. Enabling him with full control, crowds are directly transported into his studio and being showcased his unique vision on techno. With international gigs lurking at the horizon combined with insatiable hunger to the studio and enjoying life to the fullest, LAAT is one of the techno talents to keep an eye on.



Hello mate!  How Are You? What do you have scheduled for today?
Hey My Favourite Freaks, doing great! Today I present you a liveset with 100% own material. I think it’s a good representation of my sound and what to expect at my gigs.

Please tell us a bit about your latest releases!
I have been producing for years, but I only started releasing roughly two years ago. I was lucky enough to get my first track Broken Glass signed to Pig & Dan’s label Elevate and it got picked up right away. It even ended up on the Space Ibiza compilation. Ever since then, I’ve released tracks on Tronic, Filth On Acid, Octopus and Bedrock. Of all these label I strongly believe in their philosophy and what they represent in the techno scene. Besides solo material, I’ve also released several tracks with my good friend Rob Hes, with who I have great synergy in the studio.

Which release was the one who gave you the most attention so far?
Without a doubt my release Les Mondes! It got played by all my heroes. Monika Kruse played it at the mainstage of the legendary Zurich Street Parade, which was insanely big. It’s phenomenal to see how well it resonated with the crowd. I was also in the crowd when Pan-Pot dropped it at Awakenings Festival. It’s hard to describe the sensation that takes a hold of you in such a moment. In the beginning I was like…wait…where do I know this track from? HOLY SHIT it is my own track! Hearing your own track at a club or festival never gets boring. It totally makes the grind worth it.

Tell us a bit about your upcoming releases! Is there anything special planned?
I’ve got an EP with three tracks coming up on Christian Smith’s label Tronic of which I’m really proud. I strongly believe this is by far my best work. Working with Christian is great, since he also really pushes me to get the most out of me. I strongly believe that not every track you make should be released, so it’s good to sanity check that with someone who is objective and has a trained ear.

For gigs, what is your favorite city or country and why?
Well I get booked quite a lot in Germany, which is one of my favorite countries. I don’t think I have to describe why…everyone who has partied in Germany knows what I mean. They really embraced techno, which has resulted in a very open minded crowd and one who also knows how to rave like no other. Besides that, my favorite city is obviously my home town Amsterdam. Festival season is coming up again and I cannot wait to get lost again at all these crazy stages.

What were some of your favourite gigs?
They all have been great! Last year’s Tanzhaus with Reinier Zonneveld in Frankfurt was insane. The Lichtblick crew in Cologne throws some awesome parties as well. Actually, I’ll be playing there the 2nd of June at Odonien. This is an artistic village that looks like Mad Max on Acid haha.

What are your top tracks that are really working the dance floor in your sets at the moment?
I’ve got an unreleased track with Rob Hes called Tribute, which really kills it every time. Furthermore, Give Your Love, the main single of my newest EP does wonders.

You are also quite active on youtube (@laatlivetv)
Yes, it actually started that recently, since I wanted to step up the content of my social media. Here I post videos of my journey into this music adventure, which covers gigs, music and music production tutorials.

Thank you for your time and this interesting interview!
Interview by Lars


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LAAT – Les Mondes [Tronic]
LAAT – Take Me Back [Tronic]
Rob Hes, LAAT – Three 2 One [Octopus]
Rob Hes, LAAT – Buck The System [Elevate]
Radio Slave – Grindhouse (LAAT Remix)
LAAT – Island Of Memory [Filth On Acid]
LAAT – Nameless [Elevate]
Rob Hes, LAAT – Beloved [Tronic]
LAAT – Boaconic [Filth On Acid]
LAAT – Blurred Vision
LAAT – Broken Glass [Elevate]