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Hello! How Are You? What do you have scheduled for today?
Hello! Currently on a flight from LAX to Berlin. I’ll be playing Hito’s OTO series on Thursday at IPSE and then stay to enjoy the city for the week.

Please tell us a bit about your latest releases!
I just finished my first EP which is currently being shopped out – so will have more info on that soon!

As you are touring a lot, please tell us something about your experience. What is your favourite city or country and why?
It’s very difficult to pick one favorite city as everywhere I’ve been has something different to offer. If I had to narrow it down, for gigs I would say Latin countries in general as the dance floors are always so full of energy and ready to dance without inhibition. As far as the places themselves to visit, Ibiza and Florence are perhaps my favorite. Ibiza for its surreal beaches, tranquil lifestyle. Florence for its food, history, architecture.

What were your TOP 5 gigs so far?
ENTER. At Space Ibiza
Hardpop in Juarez
SoulTech Mexico City
Bestival on the Isle of White
Play Differently at Fabrik Madrid


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What are your top 5 tracks that are really working the dance floor in your sets at the moment?
Deetech – Substances
Julian Jeweil – J3
Jorge Ciccioli – Code Two
Rob Hes – Role Model
Rur – Temptint (Dee Marbus Remix)

Thank you for your time and this interesting interview! thank you!
Interview by Lars

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Mike Teknii – Mid Range (Peppe Markese & Profano Remix) [THANQ]
Alex Denne – Hallelujah [Inside Label]
Cyberx – Culture Imprint (Original Mix) [Minar Records]
Siles – Syr (Carlo Ruetz Remix) [Mr. After Party Records]
Mladen Tomic – Reckless (Original Mix) [Tronic]
Ambivalent – Scorpio [OCTOPUS]
Ablerto Tolo – The Partner (JSPR Remix) [ONESELF.]
Patrick Hero, Swynce – Timor (Original Mix) [Enter Music]
Anna Clue – Aerator [FCKNG SERIOUS]
Beatamines, Matchy – Greyzone (M. Fukuda Remix) [Trapez Ltd]
Somewhen – Kilo (Original Mix) [Ostgut Ton]
Untitled – Untitled