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LABELS: Kraftek / Elevate / Respekt / Funk’n Deep



SAMA always had a big love for music. At the age of 9 he was playing vinyl records of his then biggest hero, Tiesto. Dreaming of the same life as all the big DJ’s in the scene, he started producing at the age of 14, and he found out that this was the thing that he wanted to do with his life. First he started producing progressive house and trance, but as he started to grow older, he became infested with the more mature sound of techno. And so he shifted in style from progressive house and trance to a style of techno that still sees this older influence in the tracks he produces right now. His style of Techno is really one of it’s own, with big, euphoric synths supported by huge and hard-hitting drums.

Since his first release in early 2015, he’s starting to build a lot of momentum. With his „Existence EP”, released on Pleasurekraft’s Kraftek in late 2017, he went far into the Beatport techno top 100, and turned a lot of heads his way. He even had the honour to remix one of Pleasurekraft’s tracks, and with this, introduce Pleasurekraft’s album “Friends, Lovers And Other Constellations” to the world. SAMA has played all over Europe, including clubs like De Melkweg (Amsterdam) and Zig Zag Club (Paris). His tracks have been played by almost every big name out there, including Adam Beyer, Carl Cox, Secret Cinema, Enrico Sangiuliano, Coyu, Monika Kruse, UMEK and many more. With all that in mind, it looks like he has a bright future ahead of him.



Hello mate! How Are You? What do you have scheduled for today?
Hi there! I’m doing good. I just moved to Berlin in December of 2017, and still finding my way a bit here. But it’s going better and better and I’m really starting to love it here.

I’ve made a podcast with alot of promos and unreleased tracks of my own, of course in the style of what I would play at a peaktime set. So expect some energetic melodic techno!

Please tell us a bit about your latest releases!
I’ve released on some nice labels the last 2,5 years, but my previous year was by far my best. My latest releases have been on labels like Respekt, Devotion and Kraftek, which are all respected labels in the scene.

Which release was the one who gave you the most attention so far?
Without doubt my EP on Kraftek, which even included an official remix for headhoncho Pleasurkraft. The whole EP got far into the Beatport Techno Top 100, with the A-side ‚Existence‘ topping at nr. 11. It’s given me alot of publicity. I really feel like this EP has really introduced me as an artist to the world.


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Tell us a bit about your upcoming releases! Is there anything special planned?
At the moment I’ve planned an EP on Pursuit, which is Rob Hes‘ new label. With that a Hatzler remix is coming, so I’m definitely stoked for that. I’ve really changed my philosophy about releasing, so I’ve taken a step back in terms of quantity of releases, and now only want to release on quality labels with the best tracks I can make. So the EP is, next to a Remix for Spektre on Respekt Recordings, the only things I’ve really confirmed until now. There’s some other exciting things in the works, but as they’re not confirmed yet I can’t tell you anything about it.

As you are touring a lot, please tell us something about your experience. What is your favourite city or country and why?
Well, honestly I can’t say yet that I’m touring alot. I would like to bring it up a lot more obviously. I’d say my favourite country at the moment is Germany, because the scene really feels like it’s been treasured here. The parties go on till way later than others, and always have an amazing vibe.

What were your TOP 3 gigs so far?
– Closing in the MAX room of The Melkweg for Techno Tuesday is still probably my best experience, playing for 1000 people with a supercool vibe.
– My gig in Zig Zag Club Paris for the Kraftek showcase is also very memorable, closing off after my big hero Pleasurekraft.
– My first gig in the US was also amazing, meeting up with alot of good friends.

What are your top 5 tracks that are really working the dance floor in your sets at the moment?
– SAMA – Origin. I still play this track almost every set, as it’s the most special track for me I’ve made yet. It’s incredibly powerful with a very emotional melody, and just embodies my love for Techno.
– Pleasurekraft – Lagrange Point. This track is not released yet, as it’s releasing on Pleasurekraft’s new album, in the end of February. But I’m 100% sure I’ll be banging it out every chance I get.
– The Prodigy – Out Of Space (Timmo Rework). This track is perfect to break up your set with the energetic beat concluding to a bit of a humoristic break, where the whole tempo slows down and goes into the original song. It never ceases to surprise people, and the element of surprise is also good.
– Maya Jane Coles – Weak (Boxia Remix). I just LOVE the vocal.
– SAMA – Existence. As this is my most succesful track I’ve made, I just love to play it. It’s incredibly euphoric and powerful, and always works.

Thank you for your time and this interesting interview!

Thank YOU!
Interview by Lars

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Pleasurekraft – G.O.D. (Gospel Of Doubt) [KRAFTEK]
William Kiss – Eyes Wide Shut [RECOVERY COLLECTIVE]
Wehbba – Unfold [SECOND STATE]
Pleasurekraft – Lagrange Point [KRAFTEK]
SAMA – We Always Knew [PURSUIT]
Spektre – Off Limits (Spartaque Remix) [IAMT]
Petter B – Unmanned Oscillator [ODD]
Reform – Magic Land [SECOND STATE]
Balthazar & Jackrock – Magie Noire [RENESANZ]
Dave Sinner – Andromeda [FUNK’N DEEP]
SAMA – Ineffability
SAMA – Radical Changes [DEVOTION]