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Stefanie Frei & Dario De Siena, a.k.a. Bonny & Clyde come from beautiful Zurich, Switzerland.

Both are 26 years old and have only recently formed the duo in the electronic music scene. Bonny & Clyde stand for love and honesty and they aim to fulfill a void in music that is to constantly reinvent and to develop something new in the scene.

Spending many hours developing musical ideas that incorporate daily life with innovative modulations to create a much more sensitive and intense sounds that touch the heart.


Hello!  How Are You? What do you have scheduled for today?
Hello nice to meet you. We are just fine and preparing today our mix for MFF. It will be a melodic an technoid set in the spirit of the time. It will show our dark side.

Please tell us a bit about your latest releases!
Our latest release we had on Cats love Bass. Its been a fast forward track. The track appears very mechanical, cold but on the other hand very emotional. The harmony is in the center, as well as the rhythm of the instrumental sounds. You will feel the urge to move.

Which release was the one who gave you the most attention so far?
Strange world (INYAN Music)

Tell us a bit about your upcoming releases! Is there anything special planned?
This year we will release our first vinyl on Minim Records.

As you are touring. please tell us something about your experience around the globe, What is your favourite city or country and why?
We have a lot of favourite cities or countries. To travel is our passion. Different people, different cultures .. simply nice. Our favourite cities are Rome, Berlin, Lisbon, L.A., New York, San Francisco.
Each city of its own has an own story and is reflecting its own music. During our travel we record different sounds, which we use for our productions, likewise street artists, sounds of a subway or as simply the communication between people.

What were your TOP 5 gigs so far?

Hive Clube Zürich (Wundertüte)
Lethargy Streetparade Zürich
Else Clube Berlin (Bordel des Arts)
Fridas Büxe Zürich (Dosenfutter)
Hive Clube Zürich (Grundton)


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What are your top 5 tracks that are really working the dance floor in your sets at the moment?

Dirty Loud (Dennis Cruz Remix)
Hay Consuelo (Samim Remix)
Metodi Hristov – Breaking News (Original Mix)
Hanne & Lore – Street Kings 2.0 (Original Mix)
Eddie F – Wisdom 2 the Wise (Sabb Remix)

Thank you for your time and this interesting interview!
Interview by Lars

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