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+++ My Favourite Freaks CONCEPT. TOUR 2016 +++
is about to reveal! BECOME PART OF IT beloved friends and fella!

My Favourite Freaks – this eclectic collection of utterly potent main players hailing from the international electronic music circuit who hybridize far-out sounds with true dancefloor attitude and make up the core of the booking agency of the same name – are on a mission. This time it is all about writing musical history with CONCEPT.

Bound to sound conceptual and, without doubt, freaky as well as powerful and made for the club, this four releases-strong EP series is a strictly limited, pure vinyl affair which will be released on a monthly basis. The releases of the exclusive tracks of international top artists like Christian Smith, Danny Serrano, Arjun Vagale, Ramiro Lopez, Hermanez, Saytek Live, Macromism, AFFKT, Timid Boy,, YOST KOEN, Rhadow, Rafa Barrios Dj, Ruben Mandolini, dotSTRIPE, Matchy & Bott and The Willers Brothers will be accompanied by a CONCEPT. Release Tour which will teleport the freaks to a destination near you.

If this wasn’t reason enough to celebrate, there will also be the opportunity to purchase a very special and limited edition Mix CD which compiles all the tracks from the CONCEPT. Series in one fluid mind-trip. Get yours – and get your favourite freak out!