Hermanez – Sugar Rush
Hermanez – Sandals
Hermanez – Some Things
Hermanez – Golana

My Favourite Freaks Music welcomes back HERMANEZ!
His EP “Some Sugar” features four Hermanez like groovy tech house club killer tracks, which will rock any dance floor.

Acid sounds, real instruments, nature and tech house? Yes, this is working like magic! The second track of the EP, “SUGAR RUSH“ which comes with a very striking and a rather startling break down and explodes into an incredible ending.

Samba, summer, sun & beach parties – this is “SANDALS“. Percussions, beats and sounds of the title let me think about a trip to Latin America with a never ending burning groove. You just simply can’t stop shaking your hips!

Hermanez’ third track “SOME THINGS“ comes in the shape of Deep and hypnotic male vocal phrases and a monstrous filtered lead synth set up. Tech house par excellence with big beats.

You need freaky sounds? Here we go: “GOLANA“ has everything you need for a techy or tech house set. This song is drilling into your head with minimalistic but big bass and FX sounds. You may not be able to get it out of your head.

My Favourite Freaks Music begrüßt wieder mit seinem neuen großen Anschlag: HERMANEZ!
Seine EP “Some Sugar“ beinhaltet vier Hermanez-gewohnte groovige Tech House Club Killer Tracks, die auf jeden Fall jede Party rocken werden. Du brauchst definitiv deine Tanzschuhe für diese neue EP!

Acid Sounds, echte Instrumente, Natur und Tech House? Ja, das funktioniert einwandfrei! Es ist ein Muss Hermanez „SUGAR RUSH“ zu hören, das ein sehr exotisches und unerwartetes Break beinhaltet, welches zu einem ausgelassenem Song Ende explodiert.

Samba, Sommer, Sonne & Strand Parties – das ist „SANDALS“. Percussive Instrumente, Beats und die Sounds des Titels erinnern sehr stark an eine Reise nach Lateinamerika mit einem niemals endenden und einbrennenden Groove. Hier muss man einfach tanzen!

Tiefe und hypnotische männliche Stimmen und ein monströser gefilterter Lead Synth bilden Hermanez’ dritten Track „SOME THINGS“. Tech House par excellence mit fetten Beats und einem sehr funktionalen Arrangement.

Du brauchst freakige Sounds? Dann ist das etwas für dich: „GOLANA“ hat alles, was man für ein technoides, aber auch tech housiges DJ Set benötigt. Dieser Song bohrt sich mit minimalen, aber auch fetten Basslines und FX Sounds, in deinen Kopf. Diesen Moment wirst du nie vergessen!

++ some selected feedbacks ++

PIEMONT “Groovy stuff by Hermanez :)”
reboot “great ep !”
Sidney Charles “Liking the grooves! THX”
hot since 82 “amazing release. love every track 🙂 thanks”
Rhadow “sugar rush for me. thank you! x”
Yvan Genkins “super release thanks :)”
dj roger sanchez “Thanks and will try out”
Robert Owens “Great tracks”
Matthias Tanzmann “nice tracks. Sandals is my favorite.”
Ray Okpara “super cool ep!!!! thx greetz Rr”
Jewel Kid “Great music indeed.. will play these!”
Astin “Solid Ep. thx !”
miguel migs “sandals has some cool elements, will download thanks…”
Ruede Hagelstein “proper house stuff. thx!”
AFFKT “Superb EP guys…congrats!”
David Brenner “dope shit..!!! favourite tracks.. some things and golana”
David Glass “Wow!! loving Sugar Rush!”
Betoko “cool thanx”
hector couto “SANDALS!! DOPE TRACK!!!!”
Animal Trainer “Golana + Some Things are classy ones… Thanks”
Cera Alba “Some Things!!! LOVE IT!!!!”
Gorge “downloaded for Gorge, thanks”
Kai Smash TV “strong ep thank you!!”
German Brigante “Sandals super track strong release!!”
joyce muniz “sandals is nice”
Ramon Tapia “big tracks from my boy !”
Danny Tenaglia “all sound good…will try!!!! Thanks for the music!!!!!”
Brett Johnson “Solid release! Sandals!”
paco osuna “Will try thanks ;)”
Bimas “Great tracks from my man. Thanks. B.”
Louis Osbourne “BAD ASS!!!!”
Claptone “Download for Claptone, thx!”
Amine Edge “Download for Amine Edge & DANCE Thanks”
Sante “HUGE EP!!!!!!”
Sasha Carassi “great vibes!”
Richy Ahmed “wkd” “great ep love all tracks!”
Rich Hawtin “downloaded for r hawtin”
Oscar L“nice! support!”
Yuna ““Sandals“ is a tune that will work in my sets! Looking forward to play it”
RIVA STARR “Nice release thank you!”
Riyaz Khan “nice ones – especially like the percussive groover Sandals
wtm-paris / laurent diouf “another wtm’s playlist is coming soon..;)”
dj roger sanchez “thanks”
Christian Smith “very good ep! will play a few of these tracks! full
Fraenzen Texas/ The Cheapers “nice EP! playlist! thanks”
Mannix “very nice EP, will supp”
wesley S “COOL BEATS”
Adrian Hour “awesome ep! full support!”
Ramiro Lopez “Cool EP! thx”
luca agnelli “nice pack, „some things“ is my fav!”
Brian Cody “Massive !”
Steve Lawler (Office) “Downloaded for Steve Lawler, thanks.”
Sinisa Tamamovic “Massive EP! Love it. Support.”
Deron Delgado “Sandals will be getting heavy play from me–so will
Some Things.”
Nicolas Masseyeff “Fat Hermanez release !!! Sugar Rush is Fat !!”
Gene Farris “awesome!!!”
michel cleis “sugar rush is the one i like !
luis bonias “will play sugar rush and golana are great!!”
Bruno – koma “fine grooves”
Figueroa & Obando “Love his Hypnotique Rhythm! Golona is our fav track
here…. great pack thx”
William Daniel “Nice one!”
The Deepshakerz “ it”
Macromism “hermanez rocks!! great ep”