My Favourite Freaks Music 002
V.A. – We Are One 0.5.2
Incl. tracks by Ruben Mandolini, Rhadow, Sascha Riot feat. D-Lee, ICS, Kasbah Zoo

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The story of the magical rabbit goes on. In Part 0.5.2 of the WE ARE ONE compilation by My Favourite Freaks top acts like Ruben Mandolini, Kasbah Zoo, ICS, Sascha Riot and Rhadow will delight you with their interpretation of freaky, magic and impulsive tech house.
Check out what they will pull out of ther magic hats.

Ruben Mandolini – Deeper
Ruben Mandolini creates a straight but deep house number with an absorbing bassline and sweet vocals.
Again, Ruben proves his unique high energy house style.

Rhadow – Arcade
„Arcade“ features an irresistible tech house groove. The dark vocals and the funky drums are pulling the listener deep into it. Everything work together perfectly to create a dancefloor smash.

ICS – Exposure
The track „Exposure“ is an earthy house track with an imploringly short synthie line. Its deep vocal cuts charactersize the theme and creates a warm flow.

Sascha Riot feat. D-Lee – Passion Victim
Sascha Riot grants the track „Passion Victim“ with its own touch of magic and deepness.
With didactic black vocals in the break, the tooly tech house track forms a forcing and fast-forwarding vibe. Absolutely a peak-time weapon!

Kasbah Zoo – Whatever
The pushing track „Whatever“ is a melodic tech house track with a great harmonie which don’t need to hide. Effective breaks meet stomping monotonous beats and guarantee collective euphoria on the dance floors.

Release date:
November 3rd 2014
Format: CD + Digital

Robert Dietz: “rhadow and sascha riot do it for me. please send wav. thanks.”
Audiojack: “Diggin Whatever”
Piemont: “Great grooves here… thank you!”
DJ W!LD: “will play”
Popof: “great ep ! love all tracks”
Steve Lawler: “Downloaded for Steve Lawler, thanks.” fav track Deeper
Super Flu: “thank you!”
The Deepshakerz: “very hot stuff here!”
Hanne&Lore: “top collection, will play ics”
AFFKT: “Solid VA! thanks”
Okain: “Rhadow and ICS are really good jams. Will play”
Edu Imbernon: “nice package“
Dubfire: “thanks!!” fav track Arcade
Ramiro Lopez: “Cool stuff here! will pay some of them. Thanks”
Hermanez: “Full support !!”
Richie Hawtin: “downloaded for r hawtin” fav track Deeper
Kaiserdisco: “Nice tracks here!”
André Crom: “Thank you.”
Ramon Tapia: “will try great tracks”
Philip Bader: “faattt !”
Arjun Vagale: “another great pack of track. will be playing them for sure”
Macromism: “FULL SUPPORT!! amazing!”
The Glitz: “Sascha Riot do it for me! Great!”
Nicolas Masseyeff: “Rhadow and ICS are the one for me here !!!”
Danny Serrano: “nice pack!! full support, will play!”
Stacey Pullen: “cool thanks”