Hollen – Quantize EP – Loose Records

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Hollen – Quantize EP – Loose Records

Hollen returns to the Loose Records family with his newest EP Quantize. His last released track with us, Clips, was appreciated by artists such as Joseph Capriati and Uto Karem. He released the Condenser EP, which gained interest and was well-received by Ken Ishii, Dubfire, Sam Paganini, Technasia, and Karotte.

1) Quantize – By definition, Quantize is a continuously varying signal whose amplitude is restricted to a prescribed set of values. This sets the theme of the track, a mastery lesson in minimalism. Sticking to a drum machine, synthesizer, and remixer confined within a few octaves, Quantize is a pulsing and addictive piece with a changing pace that becomes quite complex with its creativity around the middle. Its an ideal track to be remixed and also would be great in a lounge.

2) Quantize (Kalden Bess Remix) – Recognizing the remix potential of its original, the Kalden Bess remix of Quantize utilizes a power chord progression nostalgic to that of old school metal bands. The signal-feel is amplified in a more aggressive track providing a variety of uses. Its not only a treat to those who have a background in music history but would be an ideal track for clubs or in between sets at rock shows to keep the crowd revved up and enthused.

3) Dual Chrono – Starting off with a simple bass beat much like a clock keeping in touch with the theme of chrono (time), Hollen plays with the concept of duality in worlds. Its not long before the beat is joined by a first melody brought through a remixer. Soon, a fast timpani and then hi-hat track merges with the original beat. Increasing in volume and aggressiveness, the track is fairly experimental with its progression, using interesting sounds sent through a remixer. Its unpredictability would make this track ideal for any setting although it would excel at large festivals.

Check it out : https://pro.beatport.com/release/quantize/1544682